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Report - Movie Review Example

Andy is the protagonist, who plays a key role in the development of the plot. She lands upon a career that unfortunately does not work. She faces a lot of hardships relating to the job. One major shortcoming in her is that she harbors a fear of losing the office or becoming a failure, which keeps her from quitting the mentally straining job. Besides, she also forgets her intimate friends and chooses an unsavory way to retain her career. Nigel arrives in the story to eliminate the misconceptions that Andy has had about Miranda. Nigel emerges as the mentor figure in the movie, as he becomes a good friend and protects Andy. Nate, Andy’s boyfriend, on the other hand, goes on reminding Andy about the significant things she must do in her life. The tests that Andy faces are related to the menial errands that Miranda assigns her like bringing a Table from Madison store. Apart from the fact that Andy is highly unappreciated by Miranda, the boss also mocks her sarcastically, which is shown through her statements like “By all means move at a glacial pace. You know how that thrills me” (Frankel 2006). Such instances have made her realize her own patience. Sustaining the problems in life and coping with them, and not harboring prejudice against others can be perceived as two morals that will help people to learn from life. In the end, friendship emerges as a lasting concept. However, one major drawback can be attributed to the movie, in terms of its obvious and predictable ending. Despite the twists,

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Movie report
These are the very same words that the Jesuit missionaries demonstrate in the movie, “The Mission.” The movie illustrates the kind of life that Jesuit missionaries lived in South America in the middle of the 18th century. The movie is historically meaningful as it relates the struggles of the Jesuits to convert the Guaranis and defend them against colonialists during the expansion of the Portuguese territory under the Treaty of Madrid.
6 pages (1500 words)Essay
The Theme of Dedication in the Movie Chariots of Fire
The main theme brought out in this movie is that of dedication and commitment. This is shown in the events and results of the races in which Abraham and Liddell participated. It is revealed that for an individual to have this strong drive of dedication there is an underlying reason. This is considered the main element that makes him strong.
7 pages (1750 words)Essay
Cloud Atlas movie
This review describes a movie 'Cloud Atlas' as a tale well put together with almost mechanical accuracy in its probe of several themes, many of which were focused upon the harmony of good and evil that existed within mankind. The movie leaves the audience in the middle and then starts of again with a new story from the future.
6 pages (1500 words)Movie Review
G. I. Jane Movie
Main plot of the film revolves - as a representative case - around training and combat in the national army. How Lt. Jordan O'Neil suffers in 'this world' and launches herself to fight back inequalities, insensitivities and injustices, indeed, is the main theme of this film.
4 pages (1000 words)Movie Review
Movie What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Thesis The movie portrays that mental retardation of one of the family members has a great and profound impact on the whole family causing emotional distress and depression, inability to cope with the situation and maintain close and friendly relations. Mental retardation is characterized by different symptoms and signs.
4 pages (1000 words)Movie Review
Film Analysis Report of the Movie Mask
Rocky suffers from a rare disability disease of carniodiaphyseal dysplasia. The disease is popularly known by the name of Iionitis. The disability, in due course, leads to cranial enlargements and disfiguring. The film stars
3 pages (750 words)Movie Review
An inconvenient truth (Movie report)
s 1864, George Marsh already warned man’s tendency to upset the harmonies of nature and the possibility that his actions could lead to global warming was already mentioned (36). Marsh believed that because nature provides man’s basic necessities, it is in his interest to
2 pages (500 words)Movie Review
Chasing Ice

The author states that the director of the movie shifts his attention from different themes in the movie with unique and derivational techniques. The move from the coverage of the possible causative agents to the condition of the world is distinctively liberated from the links of the show on the current conditions.

2 pages (500 words)Movie Review
Movie report
Prentice is presented as being the epitome of academic, social and professional success. He is a Black man who can match any successful white man in all respects, but for the color of his skin (Jones
1 pages (250 words)Movie Review
Hard times generation
Just the thought of this homelessness for these unfortunate children can be enough to bring us to the underlying thought about such special concern on their health. They suffer from hunger, and eventually malnutrition. Such could be a depressing moment for them.
1 pages (250 words)Movie Review
the movie lacks the punch to surprise its audience. Review of Star Wars IV In ‘Star Wars IV’ the element of surprise for me was the clever idea of the princess to feed all the plans into the R2-D2. The main plot revolves around the mission of rescuing princess Leia from captivity. The rescue team comprised of Luke along with Obi Wan, Hans Solo, Chewbaca, c-3PO, and R2-D2. Luke Skywalker is the protagonist, and needless to say, the hero as well. It is under his leadership and because of his skills that the rescue team is able to succeed in their mission. Moreover, he also leads the assault on Death Star. It becomes quite clear that without him the plot would simply be a void. Initially, Luke is diffident and lacks courage, which can be identified from him refusing to accompany Obi-Wan to spy on the dark forces. But later on his compliance to follow the stormtroopers shows his evolution outside his comfort zone. R2-D2, which contains the recorded message of the princess being taken prisoner, can be seen to be a herald for Luke. Luke’s mentor is Obi-Wan Kenoby. Obi Wan becomes a constant guide as well as an inspiration for Luke, who is a secluded civilian of planet Tatooine. There is a strong anti-aggression message shown through the movie. The resolution to do something is inherent in human beings. It is when a person becomes determined enough and pursues his or goals head on, that their life gets a meaning. Darth Vader is the antagonist, as he seems to be the constant relentless enemy of the heroic group. As Luke confronts his father, Darth Vader, before the Emperor himself, in a battle of wills over, Vader finally remembers the Jedi Knight he once was and finishes off the Emperor, saving his son but being beaten by death in this process. One of the best twists in Star Wars IV is the point where Luke comes to know that Darth Vader, his arch nemesis, is in reality his


Review of “The Devil Wears Prada” “The Devil Wears Prada” is a 2006 movie, directed by David Frankel, which narrates the story of Andrea (Andy) Sachs. The inciting incident in the movie is when Miranda is ready to fire Andy, an employee who served her in utter obedience, in order to get another assistant at a cheaper salary…
Movie Report
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