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Communication theory has become one of the significant fields of studies that attempt to reveal the technical process of information and human communication across varied sectors…
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What kind of theorist am i Communication theories
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What kind of theorist am I? Lecturer: What kind of theorist am I? Introduction Communication theory has become oneof the significant fields of studies that attempt to reveal the technical process of information and human communication across varied sectors. Communication is significant in the contemporary business world; thus, it is defined as the interaction process or transmission of information, emotions, ideals and skills from one person to another by use of symbols such as words, pictures, graphs and many others. According to the Canadian communication theorist, Marshall McLuhan, he can be remembered for his expressions that the medium is the message; thus, in understanding media, this theorist argued that a medium impacts the society in which it plays a function (Griffin, 2010). He further argued that mass media has a social impact and it can create a global village; thus understanding media is vital. There are varied modes of communication and scholars have attempted to varied communication theories for social change, which have been interested in varied ways across the contexts overtime. Therefore, the research attempts to focuses from a critical perspective on the way communication theory such as media theory and socio-cultural traditions limit social change or create social changes through interaction process. Discussions Although the new practices of theorizing new media has had a long history as long as communication studies is concerned, the turn to new media theory has become one of the formalized ways of communicating across the society since the beginning of technology development. Technology has contributed to increased diffusion of digital media from information or mass media technology sectors; therefore, this has contributed to media and commutation theory to be defined as the new objects for investigation. The new forms of media require exploration and at the same time the remediation of traditional media aspects that becomes open for research investigation (Stacks and Salween, 2009). The media theory has become one of the communication theories in the 21st century; thus this theory has impacted communication process in one way or another. I find myself in relation to media theory because this type of communication has impacted many of teenagers on the way they communicate and view their world. For instance, they way I communicate with other people have significantly changed because of the new media theory. The theorists of the new media theory argue that audiences and consumers simply no longer tolerate the passivity demand for them through mass media; therefore, I’m objective to this theory. This is because new media age has caused troublesome relationships especially the digital media; thus traditional communication such as face to face communication process is nowadays losing its meaning. Communication process takes varied process and the information is sent from the sender to the receiver through varied channels, but communication is becoming improbable despite the fact that people cannot do without it (Griffin, 2010). Communication is viewed as not a phenomenon but as a problem; thus there is a need to employ effective communication strategies in order to achieve the best in the contemporary digital environment. I am one of the social-cultural types of communication theorists and I blend more than one of type of theories. This is because of social change; thus change is such a apparent aspect of social reality that any individual need to understand. Social cultural traditionalist beliefs that people communicate across social groups; thus they produce and reproduce culture. Rogers, Campbell, Louhiala-Salminen, Rentz and Suchan (2007), argue that communication and interpersonal skills are among the essential components for delivering significant outcomes. The modern socio-cultural theorists also argue that it is through effective communication process that people produce social reality, maintain, repair or transform it. The underpinning communication theories have attempted to address the significant of communication in the contemporary world. The social-cultural theorists of communication attempts to address the meanings, norms, rules and understandings, as well as, the way they are worked out effectively in communication process. Such theories are significant because they create a picture on the way people lives and post their ideas that reality is not an objective asset of arrangements but constructed through cultural or social interaction process. Therefore, people are able to establish their realities across cultures through use of not only socio-cultural traditions theory but also the new media theory. Conclusion In conclusion, the research attempted to focus from a critical perspective on the way communication theory such as media theory and socio-cultural traditions limit social change or create varied changes through interaction process. The research study focused on the way new media theory has created changes across culture and the way it way it has impacted communication in the digital era. For instance, they way peers communicate with others have significantly changed because of the new media theory. It also revealed the way social cultural traditionalist beliefs that people communicate across social groups; thus they produce and reproduce culture. References Griffin, E. A. (2010). A first Look At Communication Theory. Boston: McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Rogers, P. S., Campbell, N., Louhiala-Salminen, L., Rentz, K., & Suchan, J. (2007). The Impact Of Perceptions Of Journal Quality On Business And Management Communication Academics. Journal Of Business Communication,44(4), 403-426. Stacks, D. W., & Salwen, M. B. (2009). An Integrated Approach To Communication Theory And Research. New York: Routledge. Read More
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