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Mohammed Assaf: arab idol - Research Paper Example

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Liberating the Palestinian People: Mohammed Assaf Proves to the World that the Palestinians are not Suicide Bombers, but Music- and Peace-Loving People Few people have experienced greater suffering and everyday violence and oppression in the recent decades than the Palestinians…
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Mohammed Assaf: arab idol
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Download file to see previous pages Mohammed Assaf dreams to unite the Palestinian people and end the long drawn out violence, hostility, and conflict between Israelis and Palestinians through his musical talent. His triumph inspired the Palestinian people to go out of the streets and celebrate the rise to stardom of a Palestinian singer who aspires to unite a divided people. He bravely declared: “A revolution is not just the one carrying the rifle. It is the paintbrush of an artist, the scalpel of a surgeon, the ax of the farmer.” An artistic statement, like musical lyrics, can promote peace. It encourages people to value one another. It can rouse joy and compassion. Mohammed Assaf’s affectionate attitude, welcoming smile, and soothing voice had brought to light the pride, kindheartedness, and peace-loving nature of the Palestinian people. He carried the song of unity throughout the competition. Besides being a charismatic singer, he is also a remarkably expressive and encouraging political speaker. His message to the world is clear-cut—freedom and national unity for the Palestinians. His victory is hailed as an achievement for the Palestinian struggle because, besides his enchanting, patriotic voice, he also expressed his devotion to the Palestinian cause. His trademark songs highlighted the history and struggles of the Palestinian people against Israeli occupation. ...
Israel was inflamed by several rockets and attacks on its land. Nobody can dispute the inhumane acts of the Operation Cast Lead of the Israeli government. Only the hardhearted will not be appalled and outraged by the human lives that were sacrificed due to such capricious military action. Overlooked and played down by the Western media, an organized process of harassment and violence against the Palestinian people transpired in the Gaza Strip. The widespread cover up of this persecution of Gaza Palestinians helps its aggressors escape punishment. The victims are the Palestinian people, particularly the ordinary Palestinian community of Gaza where Mohammed Assaf himself belongs to. The atrocious destruction and suffering inflicted by the Israeli attacks against the Gaza Strip makes it more difficult for the people of Mohammed Assaf to live in harmony with Israel. Mohammed Assaf proclaimed to the world that his participation in the competition is not about his dreams, but about fighting for the Palestinian cause, and the struggles and reality faced by his people every day of their lives. He made known that the plight of the Palestinian people is his plight. He witnessed and suffered Israel’s military rule, especially the drastic measures the Israeli government took—check-points and curfews. He witnessed the slaughter of hundreds of children and thousands of innocent civilians during the Israeli 22-day pounding. He dedicated his songs to the Palestinian prisoners. Millions of Palestinians have had to bear the debasement and oppression of the Israeli regime for more than six decades of its occupation. His message to his family, specifically to his parents, and to his people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Mohammed Assaf: Arab Idol Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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