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The prophet Mohammed - Essay Example

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(Name) (Assignment) (Date) Mohammed: the great prophet Prophet Mohammed, son of Abdullah and Amina was born on 20 April 571 in Makka. His father passed away even before his birth and he also lost his mother at the age of six. He was brought up by Halima until the age of four and later on he stayed with his mother for two years…
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The prophet Mohammed
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"The prophet Mohammed"

Download file to see previous pages However Prophet Mohammed enjoyed his responsibilities and everyday jobs during his stay with uncle. The way he overcame the tribulations has imbued me a lot with the real meaning of spiritual pursuit. To begin with, Mohammed was able to draw the care and attention of the uncle’sfamily by his appreciative nature and sincerity. His presence had brought blessings and prosperity to Abu Talib’s home. According to Huseyin Algul (14), it was his appreciative and honest character that made him well-known for many years. His bravery and high concern to truth and justice also make me mull over the essential qualities required for a true believer. For instance, while travelling to Syria together with his uncle Abu Talib, he was questioned by a monk and was recognized and admired for his brave qualities. Moreover, he always opposed injustice and supported people to fight against robbery and other evils. The people of Makka admired Prophet Mohammed for his character and deeds and considered him praiseworthy. People loved him for his honesty and titled him as ‘al-Amin’ which meant trustworthy and this title impressed Khadija to marry him. He played vital role in settling the conflicts that arose during the reconstruction of Ka’ba. ...
The prophet convinced the world of the multiple responsibilities of a true believer through his own heavenly deeds. He not only worked to eradicate injustice but also to eliminate all sorts of evils prevailed in the society. All the dishonest and unfair activities of people disappointed him very much and forced him to stay in caves for certain periods of time. Subsequent to his stay in caves away from the city, God gave him the duty of Prophet Hood. Khadija, Ali and Abu Bakr were some of the first people to accept Prophet Mohammed’s invitation to Islam. This phase of his life obviously points out to the need of internal piety and prayer before we set forth to undertake a mission. Prophet Mohammed had to face lot of challenges during the spread of Islam. The people including the slaves who got converted to Islam were harassed and betrayed by the idol worshippers. This slowed down the mission of Prophet of spreading the principles of Islam. He was not supported by anyone but was tortured and ill-treated by everyone. He was not let down by these activities but remained determined and continued his fight to fulfill the mission. His commendable attitude and uphill struggle proved him worthy in fulfilling his responsibilities. He never showed any act of revenge to his opponents but demonstrated his greatness by forgiving them. This added to the admirable qualities of Prophet Mohammed and enriched his popularity. Prophet Mohammed exhibited sincerity and simplicity in his living which attracted every individual to his morals and persuaded them to accept the principles of Islam. Obviously, this is the emotional stature he expected from every individual who accepted the faith. As Al-Jubouri (91) comments, prophet Mohammed was not just a messenger of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Prophet Mohammed
After the death of his parents, his grandfather took him in at the age of six. Some two years later, an Uncle Abu Talib who paid him to look after his livestock adopted him. Mohammed was raised with a religious background owing to the fact that his grandfather was the custodian of the temple.
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Islamic Civilization and Byzantium
After receiving the message from Allah, Mohammed began to pray only secretly and converted his family. However, when Allah commanded Mohammed to preach publically and spread the word of Islam, the people of his town, Mecca, began inciting hatred towards the Muslims, although a few converted (von Sivers, Desnoyers & Stow 300-322).
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According to the report the Islamic law originates from the holy book of Islam, Quran, the sayings, practices, and teachings of the Prophet Mohammed, Sunna, and the interpretations of Prophet Mohammed teachings by Muslim legal academicians. The Islamic law relies solely on faith where Allah mandates all Muslims to obey the Sharia.
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Often a stereotype is a negative caricature or inversion of some positive characteristic possessed by members of a group, exaggerated to the point where it becomes repulsive or ridiculous. Some Muslim communities view the incident with the so-called "Danish cartoons" as a plain kind of negative stereotype towards them.
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The religion of Islam is based on the principles of truthfulness, equality and justice, and total submission to the orders of ALLAH (Islamic word for God). The word of Allah is written in the holy book
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The noted differences are as follows: firstly, religion Islam believes that Allah is alone and he has no child, but the Christian religion believes that God is Christ (Quran). Secondly, the Christian religion believes that Allah is their father, while Islam states that Allah has no son or no child at all (Quran).

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Islamic religion
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Prophet Mohammed
The author of the text stresses that the Shia believes that Prophet Mohammed designated a successor who was his son in law, Ali Ibn Abi Talib. Besides, it is mentioned that the Sunnis have had a commanding influence in Iraq, getting the best education and controlling the state since then until the 2003 invasion by America.
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