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Islamic religion - Essay Example

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As a function of understanding this fact, one should understand that the religion of Islam requires a complete and total submission to Allah (God) in all aspects of one’s life. Many individuals rightly point out the fact that…
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Extract of sample "Islamic religion"

The word Islam itself means . As a function of understanding this fact, one should understand that the religion of Islam requires a complete and total submission to Allah (God) in all aspects of one’s life. Many individuals rightly point out the fact that Islam is a member of the 3 Abrahamic faiths; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. However, Muslims are unique in the fact that they consider themselves a part of the development of Allah’s message to humanity. It is the belief of Muslims around the world that Allah has revealed himself to the people of the book (Christians, Jews, and eventually Muslims) at different times throughout history.
Moreover, Islam, like Christianity and Judaism is a monotheistic faith; meaning that Muslims believe in but one God – Allah. A secondary and equally important factor of being a Muslim is the belief in and attribution of Mohammed as the Prophet of Allah. Muslims believe that the Prophet Mohammed is the last messenger of God’s truth on earth. In this way, all of the other representations that have come before, Noah, Moses, and even Jesus, are subject to the ultimate revelations that Mohammed as revealed through the Angel Gabriel.
To be a Muslim requires one to follow the laws and directives lain out by Mohammed’s followers within the Holy Qur’an; Islam’s most holy text. Moreover, feasts should be celebrated, purity should be retained, apostasy abhorred, and refusal of certain unclean meats. Besides the following of the letter of the law laid out in the Qur’an it is also required that an individual, if they are physically or financially able must make at least one pilgrimage to Mecca within their lifetime. Read More
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Islamic Religion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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It was used to producing a generation of colonialists’ tutored primarily to take over the lands that they were being taught about. The purpose of their academics was to make them familiar with the land and the people, and in turn, bring about their conquest.

Second, Edward Said discusses how by defining ‘Orientalism’ the Western scholars were actually defining themselves. By constantly pointing out the differences between the ‘East’ and the ‘West’, Orientalists themselves produced a divide. The West being liberated, open, and innovative; while the East is portrayed as backward, confined, and superstitious. This continuous brainwashing gave the future ‘liberators’ of...
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There was no doubt, ot...
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The social implications of polygamy are more intricate and complex as there are obvious variations in the literature regarding the nature of relationships among co-wives in a polygamous marriage. It is also difficult to differentiate whether it is entirely good or is it entirely bad for women. The Mormons are an exceptional case...
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“Grant us space from our meditations on the secret recesses of your law, and do not lock the gate to us as we knock. It is n...
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Centuries have passed since the times' religious organizations, such as a church or various loges formed on the basis of certain religious views, ruled the Old World. The whole history world history gives bright and endless examples of the fact that through the development of civilization religious beliefs were not only a part of a nation’s culture, but were also a powerful tool of politics which enabled kings and emperors to keep a country in peace, and people appeasable. The earliest historical examples, such as ‘Akhenatens new religion’ (, which was introduced to the nation in order to unify it around one god, show that religion was always not only to support and enhance the culture o...
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...Introduction: Islam is a monotheistic religion which is considered to be the second largest world religion with over 1 billion followers in the world, the term Islam refers to submission to God. Muslims believe that Muhammad was a prophet who revealed the Quran. They believe that Christians altered text with regard to Moses and Jesus. This paper is an analysis of an interview undertaken on a Muslim male who volunteered to give information regarding religious practices and believes. The following is an analysis of the information provided by the respondent and also an analysis of the differences and similarities that exist between Islam, and Christianity. The interview: The interview was undertaken outside a mosque on a Friday...
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.... The spread of the Islam in this world has been phenomenal. Starting from the cities of the Makkah and Madinah in the Arabian world, the message of the Islam spread at lightning speed. Within 100 years since the death of the Prophet Mohamed, the messages of Islam spread to three continents of the world. In the Western world, the ordinary believe is that that region of Islam has spread at electrifying pace through bloody wars. But this is not true. The sheer appeal of the new Islam religion enticed people to believe in Islamism. The unflinching belief in the existence of One God and the strong emphasis and trust upon His divinity led to large numbers of people embracing Islam. Another important feature of the Islam was that it never...
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