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Describe the theories, arguments and evidence used in your four subject readings. What do the readings tell you about the study - Essay Example

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Modernity and its Futures: A Review Name Institution Modernity and its Futures: A Review Introduction Modernity is a process of human intellectual development because it involves the integration of new concepts within the existing conceptual framework. The humans once upon a time lived and survived in caves…
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Describe the theories, arguments and evidence used in your four subject readings. What do the readings tell you about the study
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Extract of sample "Describe the theories, arguments and evidence used in your four subject readings. What do the readings tell you about the study"

Download file to see previous pages In the fourteenth century the Roman law gave the above mentioned privileges whereas a century later English authorities granted the similar rights to the parents. Yet the intellectual evolution kicked in and by seventeenth century scholars initiated to view children as an important part of the society and supported the notion of facility settlement for their training (Peck 2008). Based on the above paragraph, it can be assumed that the tendency and the power of evolution are embedded within the fabric of humanity and humans are gifted with an unexplainable energy to overcome resistance to change. Historically the females were not considered humans and in the present they are recognized as equals to the male population. All of the instances demonstrate the fact that humans kept on growing intellectually in the past and therefore their behavior also became better with the passage of time. In the process of intellectual growth old concepts were challenged and replaced with new and more practical ones. Corporate professionals in the past were only concerned with the maximization of the profit. However nowadays businessmen are getting more and more attached to the concepts of job autonomy, modern training and prevention of environmental degradation. Literature Review Modern thinking started to be accepted and praised when it challenged the concept of capitalism. The state socialism evolved around the premise of accumulation of wealth within few hands and therefore causing serious financial inequalities in the West as it is mentioned in the book that “State socialism attempts as far as possible to substitute central planning for the working of economic market” (Hall 1992 pp 54). However, the neo-classic economic experts stated that the country should and must use its natural and human resources efficiently in order to maximize their utility to the society. The Marxism, an important economic theory holds on to the point that there are no notable differences in social classes regarding their needs and wants. Nevertheless the true message of the theory is that all humans should be treated equally in the eyes of economics and there should be negligible impact of social boundaries on the commitment of the resources it is written in the book “State power could caretaker of the existence (Hall 1992 pp 32). Thus, the state will have the ultimate responsibility of fulfilling the needs and wants of the citizens. According to Marx’s viewpoint “the presence of politics in the society is a representation of classes and their goals and objectives” (Hall 1992 pp 31) and the above mentioned economic authority is having an unconstructive view of politics in general. But in a more practical sense the model of politics presented by Marx is supporting dictatorship as there is no provision for public opinion. Furthermore the Marxist ideas about political activities were implemented by the Soviet Union in the form of State governed Socialism The profound failure of the above mentioned political system supports that democracy has a tendency to prevail under adverse situation because it is more accommodating towards the human nature as it supports freedom of speech and choice. However socialism thrives on the idea of protecting the capital so that it can be used for the greater good of the society. But in this kind of system people starve by the millions because the state never ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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