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It was mostly influenced by the scientific management and, therefore, many modernists architect while these periods saw buildings as a machine. These architectures,…
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A fundamental concept of modern architecture
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Download file to see previous pages e architecture in the modern period not only created house and public buildings that combine beauty and technical aspect of social efficiency, they also ensured the buildings were economical in all ways the architecture operating in the modern period were successfully blending technology with expressive style, history with science, beauty with practicality. These are elements that completely changed the building environment in ways that are still discernible today.
This is an historical argument paper about the modern architecture. It is based on the definition architecture according to Siegfried Giedion and the development of the space, time and architecture concepts. The definition of modernist architecture is still an issue of debate between the art historians and other critiques. In Space, Time and architecture, Giedion argues that there is an apparent chaos in the state of culture that has been brought about by contradictory tendencies between the enormous technological and industrial development and peoples values. There is a need to feel the gap between the advances in the humanity in the realm of thought and realm of feelings.
The emergence of the modern architecture in the early 20th century has been a matter of debates and arguments among different architecture historians and other critics. It is believed that the modern architecture and movement emerged in the late nineteenth century and was completely formed in the 1920s, just before the World War one began. Modernism has been understood differently by different authors and critics in architecture history.2modern architecture has been reflected by such publications as The international style by Hitchcock and Johnsons that was published in 1932 and 1995.Pevners works titles Pioneers of modern design of 1936 and Space time and Architecture that was published in the 1941 and 1982.
The contemporary accounts of the modern movement provide a contrasting view. These more architectural historians ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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