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Role of Social Media in Public Relation Development - Essay Example

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An author of the essay "Role of Social Media in Public Relation Development" will investigate the contribution of the most recent advancement in the sphere of informational technologies and particularly social media to the growth and improvement of public relations…
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Role of Social Media in Public Relation Development
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Download file to see previous pages The growth of social networking sites and an increasing population of internet users around the globe have made a significant impact on PR sectors. Advanced Desktop Publishing (DTP) is one such development in this sector which has immensely helped in spreading information in an attractive manner without spending much time of reader’s (Sriramesh & Versis, n.d.). Advanced DTP is a tool which makes it possible to create newsletters, reports and even books with the help of a personal computer and proper software. The basic idea of DTP is to publish attractive and unambiguous documentation of particular information so that any user can be conversant of the article with ease. I strongly believe that it is an effective way of spreading information within a short period of time (Wang, n.d.). Correspondingly, the main advantages of adopting advanced DTP by any organization in its PR strategies can be illustrated as cost and efficiency. In my point of view, one of the potential advantages of advanced DTP can be associated with a limited requirement of experts to perform the task. The use of advanced DTP can be performed by any individual having minimum knowledge of computer applications. Consequently, it saves significant cost by minimizing the need for assistance from professionals in involving information communication technology as a tool for PR (Wang, n.d.). Similarly, another benefit of advanced DTP can be attributed to the time factor. In this context, it can be postulated that instead of spending time on having a correction with the outside printer, with the use of advanced DTP the documents can be previewed resulting in minimized wastage of resources as well as time efficiency to communicate the intended message (Wang, n.d.). The new forms of media have undoubtedly turned out to be vital aspects for any organization in spreading messages or communicating with the general public through effective PR strategies. Apparently, as per my understanding, the relation between the PR industry and the news media is continually strengthening. The development of modern information and communication technology has changed many of the dynamics between PR and traditional way of communicating with publics (Larsson, 2009). I firmly admit that the development of information and communication technology has benefited the PR industry to a great extent. Development in sectors like a database, DTP, and e-mail technologies have provided ease to PR department by making the communication process much faster and more effective than the past. Apparently, PR, as an industry, has become much important than it was in the traditional era. Today, the increase in the media sector is generally seen through the PR industry. It can be said that a decade ago, the media was less dependent on the PR industry as there were only a few newspapers, television channels and few occasional magazines to be published. However, the condition today has dramatically changed over the years. Consequently, the need of PR has increased to a great extent where technology has become one of the many considerable factors that have significantly facilitated the PR industry to rapidly grow in the 21st century (Trotman Publishing, 2001). The knowledge of advanced DTP is considered as one of the most important aspects for a PR publisher.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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