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Fundamentals of Strategic Communications and Public Relations - Assignment Example

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The paper focuses on the optimal strategies adapted from the viewpoint of the public relation consultant in bringing forth several aspects of the College and exposit it as one of the prime educational institutes. Stress is also focused on the various strategies used in the promotion of policies…
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Fundamentals of Strategic Communications and Public Relations
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Extract of sample "Fundamentals of Strategic Communications and Public Relations"

Download file to see previous pages The department also acts as the chief source of contact between the media and the College staff and takes part in the arrangement of interviews with the journalists and issue press releases. The department is also responsible for the production of the college publications and the simultaneous management of the internal communications (Media & Public Relations, 2011).
The paper will focus on the optimal strategies adapted from the viewpoint of the public relation consultant in bringing forth several aspects of the College and exposit it as one of the prime educational institutes. Stress will also be focused on the various strategies used in the promotion of policies which would attract more and more students as well as enhance the position of the college in the prevalent competitive scenario. The strategies will be explained in a recent speech of Barrack Obama that will attract at least 400 media representatives and robust media coverage.
The realms of Public Relations (PR) generally circumscribes around the creation and establishment of the mutual understandings among the organizations and the public related to those institutes. The planning of public relations is not a haphazard process; rather it is a synthetically complex process which incorporates the basics of attention, impulsiveness, forecasts, analysis and focuses on the consequences. The PR planning also must ensure that not only the organization takes part in the understandings of the public but also in the real understanding of the public. The foremost task of the public relations is to ensure that the public concerned must understand those formulated policies. The Prin its core is an art because it chiefly incorporates the artistic skills, fine arts, language, writing, public speaking and so on. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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