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Shaping the Image: Identity Constructions and Social Media - Essay Example

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Shaping the Image: Identity Constructions and Social Media Name Institution Date Question 2 Shaping the Image: Identity Constructions and Social Media Introduction The invention of digital technology was due to the need for making the world a global place…
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Shaping the Image: Identity Constructions and Social Media
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Download file to see previous pages As such, most learning institutions are now comfortable in incorporating digital devices in school and classroom. The seductive power of digital technology is what is making it more popular (Jones, 1997). Social media platforms are gaining terrific popularity to the extent that most of them are now becoming formal. Despite their vastness, only a percentage of them are acceptable by most countries’ department of communication. Among the acceptable ones are Facebook, Twitter, My Space, LinkedIn and boards. The most common one is Facebook and it is accessible internationally except a few countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This country has censored the site due to the religious and moral beliefs. The sites are used for different purposes such as to advertise a business or to find a job. The purpose of this particular paper is to analyse how online social worlds facilitate collective participation and the impacts they have on communities. There will be information regarding their importance and challenges on social constructions, ethical issues activated by networked practices and the relation between users produced content and ideologies within the internet (Kennedy, 2003). In order to understand this better, I am going to use students and business people because they rely a lot on internet for their work. Online Social Worlds as Forms of Multimedia Online social worlds have been designed to enhance socialisation. Social networking promotes a team spirit. There is a need at work places to promote a team spirit where everyone in the organisation is made to believe that they “are in this thing together”. This applies to all managers and employees where they interact through social websites. Great things are achieved when people work together. They also enhance communication. Online social world like Skype have a free way of communication. Communication is through chats, web camera and phone calls. Businesses take advantage of this to solve their problems. Communication problems need to be resolved in order to enhance loyalty. Lack of communication is interpreted by employees as not caring. Frequent communication with employees builds trust and diminishes fear. A recent survey, conducted by Chenn (2012), reveals that students prefer using social media for their researches as they act as some sort of group discussions. Social media platforms are formidable used to discuss critical issues among registered members. This can be done internationally and without any fear as there is no censoring. Apparently, social media can also enable shy students to express their ideas and thus, a more effective diffusion of information. Aaker and Smith (2009) surveyed undergraduate students in order to find out how and when they use it. Over the six thousand students who participated in the research showed immense receptiveness to using social media to connect socially with other students. This was especially between the students with similar academic interests where they shared different ideas. However, the interaction was not limited to academics since other aspects were also shared. Social media is also used as a form of education material. This issue is broadly discussed by Devoss (2010) who explain that E-Learning is one way of doing this. Here, students can download lecturers’ notes and even pose questions for their lecturers. Social media platforms serve as the place where students post any events and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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