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Does the internet degrades its users's cognitive quality - Essay Example

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Does the internet degrades its userss cognitive quality
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Extract of sample "Does the internet degrades its users's cognitive quality"

Download file to see previous pages This paper is supposed to be a research opinion paper, so you are right to change this into a more argumentative one. Please strengthen this paper if possible by adding strong arguments, providing great coherence of logic flow, or including thought-provoking ideas. Does The Internet Degrade Its User’s Cognitive Quality? The internet is extremely prevalent these days; it has transformed human life from a normal life to a digital life. There are no life segments, in which the influence of internet is negligible. Business, education, communication, healthcare, culture and politics are some areas in which internet brought huge changes. The entire world is now divided into real world and virtual world. The activities going on the virtual world are almost equal in magnitude with the activities going on in the real world. In short, internet has made plenty of changes in the physical world. The influence of internet is not limited to the physical world alone; even mental activities undergo rapid changes. One of affected mental activities is people’s cognitive skills; cognitive skills are brain-based skills that include set of abilities that are part of human actions. It involves logic, attention, memory, and perception. The efficiency and convenience that the internet provides is utilized by people in order to make their life much easier. Comparing internet research to hours of turning book pages to find relevant information and noting them down, the latter seems like a laborious and time-consuming task. After all, the internet provides relevant information from thousands of sources altogether in just a matter of seconds. But without being realized, it serves as a double-edged sword where it overindulges our brain and ruins our cognitive ability. The internet has made our lives much easier, but along with that it has degraded our cognitive quality. Being a student in this tech savvy generation, I am completely aware of the role the internet plays in our lives. In fact today’s youth cannot even imagine getting through schools and colleges without the internet. The internet helps to complete academic tasks more easily because we have easy access to every piece of information one can ever imagine; it is all just a click away. The internet serves as huge library where one has access to information from all corners of the world. Even though lack of good editorial committees has flooded the internet with wrong information, the convenience of using the net to seek something, continues to be a preferred choice over browsing through books and journals. With the realization that using the internet to search for information is pretty convenient, people are becoming overly dependent on it, and slowly, their reasoning and problem solving skills are dropping. The internet provides readymade answers to all problems; therefore a student or researcher does not feel the need to think much about solving a problem. On the other hand, generations in the past were forced to think deeply to analyze different dimensions of a problem before identifying proper solution for that. The easiness in solving problem with the help of internet causes mental idleness. According to a study conducted by Karin Slegers, a Cognitive Psychologist, older adults who rely on the internet lose their cognitive functions much faster than their counterparts ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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