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Human Rights in Saudi Arabia and its Representation in the Media - Research Paper Example

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Name Date Course Section/# Human Rights in Saudi Arabia: A Case Study and Review The exhibition of human rights around the globe is an issue that should interest each and every individual in the world. Whereas it may not seem that human rights have a great deal of impact with regards to how an individual in a free society lives his/her life, the reality of the situation is the fact that the increasing interconnectedness and interrelatedness of the world as a means of globalization places a necessary ethical burden upon societal stakeholders to understand and seeks to ameliorate the hardship and suffering of fellow human beings the world over…
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Human Rights in Saudi Arabia and its Representation in the Media
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Download file to see previous pages What is meant by this statement that the understanding of human rights within the Western world is something of a public relations game relates to the fact that the nations in which the West regularly integrates and has close business/economic interests are relatively unbothered by human rights complaints from the outside world. In such a way, the sad reality of the situation is that many nations within the Western and/or developed world have the unique opportunity to bring about societal and systemic change within nations that exhibit a very poor track record of human rights. However, rather than leveraging their respective positions as a means of bettering the lives of individuals the world over, oftentimes these nations choose instead to continue the beneficial relationships they have with oppressive and repressive regimes. ...
In such a way, the author will attempt to analyze the current situation with regards to human rights and Saudi Arabia; analyzing the way in which human rights is portrayed in the media, both domestic Saudi media and world media, discuss the issue of censorship within Saudi Arabia, and analyze the means by which alternative media/social media has allowed the Saudi individuals, and those arguing for a greater degree of human rights liberalization, a platform in which to adequately have their message the past. Furthermore, as a function of analyzing each of these aspects, it is the hope of this author that reader will come to a more full and complete understanding of the way in which human rights are currently exhibited within Saudi Arabia as well as the means by which individuals within and without Saudi Arabia understand these can rights, and the level to which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is willing to go in order to respond to the unique needs that are being exhibited within the Kingdom. Before delving directly into specific human rights abuses that Saudi Arabia is guilty of, it must be understood that Sharia law defines the way in which the nation’s judiciary operates. Ultimately, appreciating an understanding of the nuances of Sharia law would require a dissertation length response. However, for purposes of this brief analysis, it can and should be understood that Sharia law most necessarily refers to the law that is lain out in the Koran; Islam’s most holy book. Moreover, due to the fact that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not have a Constitution, the rights and privileges to which the accused is beholden is necessarily solely defined within the Koran. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Rights in Saudi Arabia and Its Representation in the Media Research Paper.
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