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Right to the City - KSA - Essay Example

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Right to the city refers to the responses to social injustices and neoliberal urbanization in various countries worldwide. The aspects of human rights are prevalent the concept of right to the city in the social context. …
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Right to the City - KSA
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Download file to see previous pages Right to the city refers to the responses to social injustices and neoliberal urbanization in various countries worldwide. The aspects of human rights are prevalent the concept of right to the city in the social context. Human rights refer to the ability of a particular authority or organization to uphold different of freedom of a particular group or an individual. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia violate the rights of its citizens through various contexts such as inadequate housing, limitations to communication and upholding of corporal punishments based on the guidelines of the Sharia law. This paper examines various aspects of human rights and housing in KSA and provides recommendation for promotion of the human rights.
The fundamental law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not provide the complete concept of human rights. The issue of human rights is prevalent in the country due to the strict regulations provided by the Muslim law. In this case, various authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have integrated different guidelines of the Islamic religion into the federal law, which hinders initiatives to uphold human rights in the country (Almihdar, 2009). Women comprise of the most affected population regarding the aspect of human rights in KSA. The rights of the citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are abused daily due to the integration of the religious concepts into the country’s legislation. This limits efforts by different human rights organization to campaign for human rights in the country. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Right to the City - KSA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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