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In recent times, the world is experiencing a data revolution especially in the fields of marketing, politics health and sports just to mention a few. In essence, scientist and journalist are trying to present the world to the ordinary citizen in terms of data. …
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Research Paper, Journalism, mass media and communication
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, one is left to wonder how this vast amount of data is analyzed. In addition, what models are being used to analyze such data and what is their accuracy. More so what assumptions are made when analyzing the figures? When these factors are keenly considered, there emerges an ethical issue that surrounds the whole process. For example, are the figures being used to forecast or tell the true position of an issue or are they being used as tolls to manipulate people. Advertisers and users of advertisements have embraced on the help availed by the use of big data tactics. A good illustration to this is the campaign teams’ especially for political career. Many politicians have found the use of opinion polls helpful because they are able to manipulate them. In such a case, the users of such polls (voters) are deceived to believing that a given candidate is well ahead of other opponents (Fahy 1-2). To conclude, the role being played by big data tactics is enormous and helpful to advertisers or sellers. However, when used for personal gain thus hiding the true position of any issue it turns to be unethical. It deprives off the citizens their freedom of choice and liberty to make sober judgments. In the case of political advertising, it denies the citizens their right to democracy. Opinion-Leader Campaigns Opinion leaders are defined as people with an influential trait in a given society. In most cases, opinion leaders are change agents and very active media users. To state that they are active media users is for the sole purpose of delivering their message to a wide audience who care about the opinions, industry, ideology or interests. It is true to not that every industry has its own opinion leaders. For example, Bill gates- founder of Microsoft is an opinion leader in the technology industry. More so Al Gore is another opinion leader in the environment awareness industry. However, the roles played by opinion leaders must be genuine and must be free of malice. Opinion leaders must utilize their influence carefully so that their actions and statements to not impact negatively on their followers. They should understand they many people perceive tom as role models. Another aspect of opinion leadership is their close link to the media. It is a fact that the opinions of these leaders are published or furthered by journalists. Therefore, without professional journalist the ideas and opinions of these leaders would not reach its audience. Hence, journalist advances the opinions of these leaders while the opinion leaders rely on journalists to spread their opinion and add the debate (Nisbet and Kotcher 328-354). The most notable advantage of opinion leaders is their ability to form opinions that are influential. They are very influential such hat they can move an opinion that ensures proper legislation are passed, or harsh rules are burnished. However, if an opinion leader is not ken on their statements they may be misquoted, and their follower may cause chaos. For example, opinion leaders may cause a war or displacements of certain groups like the gay, Jews, among others. Stealth marketing A successful marketing campaign must be able to induce a change in behavior in the people it is intended for. These induced changes may be in terms of voting preferences personal value, buying behavior since any advertisement should be objected at changing the current behavior. In the recent past, most advertisements have made people to act in a skeptical manner due to the credibility of the advertisements. Most advertisements are not sincere or credible. Further, research has shown that the word of mouth marketing is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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