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Internet Journalism in European Countries - Research Paper Example

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This paper will attempt to summarize the evolution, rise, dynamics, and impact of internet journalism. However, for the sake of simplification and maintaining focus, the shame would be done with respect to European countries, which offer the most the best and active examples…
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Internet Journalism in European Countries
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Download file to see previous pages Important here to note is that this was the era when journalists had plenty of time, in terms of conducting proper research, analysis, validation, and publication of the news. Publishing was not a common practice and only a few of the early individuals had access to this machine, which was crucial to the development of the final product. However, as time progressed, as mentioned earlier, this time shrank (Paterson & Domingo, pp. 77-78, 2008). Internet journalism or online journalism has tremendously changed the whole scenario. It differs greatly from the traditional forms and modes of journalism. Wolk (2001) identify five chief divisions that are present between online journalism and traditional mass media: “1) the Internet’s ability to mix multiple media, 2) lack of tyranny of author over reader, 3) no one can control the audience’s attention, 4) the Internet can make communication processes continuous, 5) interactivity of the web” (pp. 57).
A careful analysis would reveal that there is also a sixth factor or distinction involved which is the speed. Internet journalism works very fast, which can sometimes be very contributing and helping but at some occasions can be very brutal. Unlike past, today virtually everyone who owns a modem is a publisher. Without any doubts, this shift in journalism from traditional and print mediums to internet and online mediums has changed the scenario completely. Not only it has affected the political and social sectors of life but virtually every other sector as well. Critics regard this new form of journalism as one of biggest revolutions of the recent times, if not of the entire human history (Ray, 11-14, 2006). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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