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Instructor October 8, 2013 Communication Innovation: Twitter – Then and Now Introduction Just take a look around and it will be readily noticeable that the way individuals communicate with one another today is radically different than just a few decades ago, and light years away from the ways our ancestors interacted with each other…
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Communication innovation: Twitter then and now
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Download file to see previous pages The reality is that we adapt to the means we have at our disposal. The truth is also that individual communication centuries ago took a long time by today’s standards, but it was the expected course of life back then. Today, however, much of society depends on instant communication and Twitter can certainly be considered to be on the forefront of this revolution. In looking at the various ways that society has communicated over the ages, it is helpful to consider the role of journalists in our culture. They have been primarily responsible for communicating local, national, and international events on a global scale. In the past, this form of communication has largely taken place via print or television media. Some argue that journalists will soon begin to not be needed in this age of rapid and technological communication. On the contrary, journalists will continue to have a place in the way society communicates, but they will be doing so in a dramatically different way than before. This paper will analyze the way that Twitter is revolutionizing communication amongst journalists and it will explore issues related to communication then and now, while focusing on the need to change and adapt to today’s increasingly global and connected world. ...
Finding of Evidence The above research questions will be discussed, analyzed and answered in the subsequent pages by looking a seven different primary and 3 different secondary sources related to Twitter, journalism, and communication. Through this discussion and analysis, the author will focus on an examination of the historical context of journalism, coupled with a look into the future by looking at Twitter as a form of journalistic communication. From its outset, Twitter was designed to revolutionize the way individuals and businesses communicate with one another. Today, it has been transformed into a global phenomenon that has captivated hundreds of millions of people worldwide as they communicate instantly with thousands of people at any given time (Trombly, 2008). While initially the concept of Twitter was to provide a communication mechanism amongst organizations and working professionals, the reality was that this did not occur from the outset. At the time Twitter was launched, many of the targeted working professionals were utilizing the Blackberry Smart Phone device. This accomplished much of what twitter was trying to do through its instant 140 character texts. Anyone on the Blackberry platform, however, could instantly communicate with a number of other users in much the same manner. In the end, however, the concept of twitter caught on because it transcended one particular device. It would revolutionize the target audience and truly bring the world to the users fingertips. As mentioned, the early users of Twitter were not the business professional it was targeting. Trombly (2008) noted, “Early adopters, as with most of social media platforms, were primarily teenage girls and the technology obsessed” (p. 1). Before long, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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