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Examine how far television is a global and globalising media form - Essay Example

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Name Subject Date Topic TV coverage has an enormous effect on public perception of reality and normality (Jesus 1993). TV is made popular in the sense that it is visual. News delivered from television is hard news and may not be elaborate. In newspapers, a lot is written including features, columns, and letters to the editor, supplements and clearer images…
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Examine how far television is a global and globalising media form
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Download file to see previous pages A particular popular program can be watched by many people at one time unlike newspapers where people scramble for the copies or a radio where you listen without seeing. Television combines both visual and audio content. This has led to its tremendous success as a mass communication medium (Waisbord, 2000). Television has become a global means of communication, meaning that people can now communicate to each other all over the world, all with the aid of technology. Globalization has made it possible for all the television industries in the world communicate more effectively. This communications have made possible by the presence of well laid structural connections among the different communication systems used by television stations all over the world. This interconnections between the different television stations in the world has created an international business hub, all governed with the same business principals and goals (Jensen, 2000). . The technologies include the use of satellites to relay information to the different TV station worldwide. For example the launch of AMOS-5 satellites located at 17°E by space com was a major boost to TV industries in Africa.AMOS-5 provides high-quality broadcast and communication services to Europe, the Middle East, the U.S. East Coast and Africa. Other satellites have all been put in place with companies such as Switzerland media all with the aim of relaying information to its client and doing business. The dynamics in the TV world are reflected in the approval of television formats. On the surface international airing of the different format does not only suggest a well incorporated economy with the industries, in also includes a well regulated content. All the media houses are therefore able to sale almost the same idea to its audience. These enable the audience watch different programs at different channels at the same time, and with the help of technology; television companies have successful reached their market (Whannel, 1993) . A company like coca cola is popular all over the world. Toyota pick-ups have roamed in the streets of African. TV programs and series such prison break have been aired all over the world. This can therefore be deemed as the golden age for business, commerce and trade. Never before, in the entire history of the world has there been such an opportunity to sell as many commodities to individuals as there is right now globally. Marketing strategies have been put in place but thanks to television and the entire media that marketing has been made easier promoting a company’s sales. Trade has also been conducted between state thanks to TV and the media as a whole (Jesus,1993) . Television programming goes beyond commercial relationships(Waisbord, 2000). Other key sector such as politics, antinational identification and transnational organizations are also affect. Television programming has an especially important role in shaping social meanings as communication content dictates the way local and global mass media will affect people’s social experience. These include programs like news and report. Television coverage of political and social is a decisive factor for formation of opinion in democratic states. Reports and news should therefore be exact, truthful and reliable. Different debates on television have influenced public opinion in different angles. Reports on political private life has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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