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PR, Advertising and Journalism (I): the new creativity - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Professor Task Date Advertising to children in the U.K Advertising Corporates advertise in order to educate, inform or remind consumers about their products. Variety in products poses a challenge for each corporate to convince the consumer that its product is the best…
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PR, Advertising and Journalism (I): the new creativity
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Download file to see previous pages Posters, bill boards, social networks, T.V advertisements, radio advertisements and mobile phones are among the media exploited by advertisers. Advertising proves to be quite helpful to consumers and corporates. While consumers are enlightened about new products, improvements made on old products and services they require corporates benefit from the large purchases made by consumers. However, advertisers have developed a new technique of getting people to buy even more. This is by producing advertisements aimed at children. Children possess a power over parents. This is majorly achieved by throwing tantrums and crying. No parent wishes to see the tears of their child hence they end up buying the child everything he or she request. There are also parents who are in the habit of spoiling children with everything that children request. Children’s power over their parents is the weakness that advertisers exploit to sell a product. Advertisers ensure that an advertisement is appealing to children. The naivety and incomprehension of children is therefore, exploited. This is because provided the advertisement of a product displays beautiful colors and enticing lyrics, the child is drawn to the product. All children rely on their parents financially. Hence the children pressure parents into purchasing the product for them. This is how kids end up being the best consumers. Parents spend a lot of money trying to protect their children from all forms of negative influence and ensure their safety. However, only a few are making strides toward protecting their children from negative influences of advertisements. Research by professionals from child related agencies shows that advertisements do more harm than good to children. Many governments including successive United Kingdom governments focus on controlling advertising material accessible to children. In the United Kingdom, one of the major departments of the Advertising association is the Advertising Association Children’s Group. The department monitors advertising targeting children. This is done by paying attention to public and political opinion and researching on market developments. The information is then used for responsible development of policies surrounding marketing and advertising aimed at kids. In order to protect children from negativities of advertising, all forms of advertising and marketing to children in British schools should be banned. A parent should have a final say on the products that a child consumes. Hence advertisements should target parents and give them the power to decide the best products for their children. The product they prefer children to consume. A product that prefers to go through a child in order for the parent to purchase it due to the child’s pestering is questionable. How advertisers target children Marketing and psychology Advertisers spend a large amount of money to secure an understanding of the best methods to attract children. This is by consulting psychologists and researchers to find out what moves kids. The researchers and psychologists impart advertisers with knowledge regarding child development, social and emotional requirements of children at every development stage. Results of studies of children’s dreams, artwork, behavior and fantasies are used to create marketing strategies to influence children. The behavior of psychologists and researchers has been termed as unethical. This is because they allow ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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