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Critically Evaluate the Balance Between Industrial, Technological and Societal Shifts Which Have Reshaped the Newspaper Industry - Essay Example

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This paper shall evaluate the balance that exists amongst the realms of the industrial, technological and societal changes as the newspaper industry has more or less changed during the last 2 and a half decades…
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Critically Evaluate the Balance Between Industrial, Technological and Societal Shifts Which Have Reshaped the Newspaper Industry
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Extract of sample "Critically Evaluate the Balance Between Industrial, Technological and Societal Shifts Which Have Reshaped the Newspaper Industry"

Download file to see previous pages that golden era, there would be fewer issues that humanity would have faced and a rat race of getting ahead of one another would have subsided, promptly (Couldry, 2010). Newspapers have to be loved like these used to be in the past. If any semblance of sanity has to be revoked again as far as the newspaper industry is concerned, all out efforts within the related ranks are much required. The glory of the past must be brought back to have a culture which is quickly fading away, for all the wrong reasons. Moving ahead with the debate, the role of the newspapers within the past comprised of just about everything that surrounded humanity and its varied manifestations. This has not changed much with the progression that has thus been made all the way through. Yet somehow or the other, the needs have changed of the people. This has called for bringing in sections which were unheard of in the past and which merit attention in this day and age. By this, what one means is the fact that the newspapers of present times are more or less inclusive of sections for technology, children, women, the different professionals like doctors, lawyers, pilots and so on. Also there are sections for varied events and reviews on movies, music albums, sports matches and many more. The sections have advanced with the passage of time yet the overall meaning that is conveyed within these sections has remained more or less the same. This calls for an interesting read, more so because separate sections have largely segmented the population so that they can subscribe individually to a single brand of newspaper. However, since the teenagers do not quite appreciate the possession of a newspaper within their folds, this discussion seems to be a lost cause (Keeble, 2005). A lot has been written and said...
This paper approves that the newspaper industry is going down merely due to the fact that people have stopped giving it the attention. The young ones do not have an idea as to how to find time to interact and communicate with one another while the seniors are adapting the technological means in order to grow and develop. The community elders should decide for their own selves whether they would like the younger generation to move on towards newer technological front or should they stick to reading newspapers. They have to be the most significant individuals within such a debate because they have experienced how newspapers have been given the respect in the past and how the trends are changing with the passage of time these days.
This essay makes a conclusion that it would be correct to state that newspapers must be given the room to exploit the conditions around them and not be seen as a thing of the past. This is because they have no parallels as far as technological tools are concerned. The luxury that these newspapers bring cannot be compared with any other tool or activity that is employed by the people. Also the role of the elders within any society of the world is a quintessential one because they have to get their point across as to what can be compromised upon and what simply cannot be accepted as a changing trend or the need of the time. These elders must adapt to the technological angles yet they should never give up on the physical copy because it used to be their favorite hobby in the past and the same should continue in the coming days as well. If they give up on newspapers, there is little that the industry can do to sustain its own self in the future. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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