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Discuss some of the key challenges in the reporting of war from the frontline and the roof top. What are the implications for re - Essay Example

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Name Date Course Section/# Reporting: An Analysis of Key Considerations, Difficulties, and Threats that Can Meddle in the Journalistic Professionalism of Front Line Reporting Whereas reporting from the front lines used to be something that was nearly impossible, or at the very least extraordinarily difficult for reporters, changes in the way in which governments have identified with the overall usefulness of such reporting, as well as key changes in technology that the past few decades have brought, have meant that the reporting of today hardly resembles the reporting of but a few decades past…
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Discuss some of the key challenges in the reporting of war from the frontline and the roof top. What are the implications for re
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Extract of sample "Discuss some of the key challenges in the reporting of war from the frontline and the roof top. What are the implications for re"

Download file to see previous pages Due to such a high level of overall importance with relation to the role that the these reporters play in integrating key facts to the general public, this analysis will consider the key challenges that front line journalists face, key challenges that roof-top journalists face, the issue of balance/bias in reporting, and the implications for reporting upon and understanding conflicts in the current system. As a function of this, this short analytical piece will seek to define the roll of a rooftop reporter as well as the role of an embedded reporter, seek to draw inference to the types of situations they have been, and likely will continue to be exposed to within the near future as well as drawing a level of interpretation with regards to overall bias that such journalists must face. Firstly, with regard to the front line journalist, this is something that has been in existence since the earliest conflicts in human history. There have always been citizen reporters that had sent letters or messages home so that these could be read by the appropriate authorities/loved ones as a means of better understanding the given conflict (Cameron et al 2005). After the Crimean War, the role of the war journalist and front-line reporter was greatly aided by the inclusion of photographic images that detailed the plights of the combatant and the harsh realities or patriotic fervor that was intended to be represented. Of course the advent of film greatly added to the means whereby the front line reporter could hope to integrate key information to the audience. Likewise, the availability of the internet and the use of satellite phones enabled with video has only served to further enhance the role that these reporters play in bringing key facts to the viewing populace at home (Boylan 2011). Although the role of the front-line reporter has enabled individuals half a world away to quickly understand and integrate with certain aspects of the situation that is unfolding on the ground, it does represent a unique level of key challenges which will be discussed. The first of these determinants is of course the full scope and overview that the front-line reporter is able to understand and integrate with. Although it is useful to integrate with the viewing public how the situation appears on the micro scale, this is of course invariably at the expense of a more full and nuanced view of how the broader conflict is progressing (Hannon 2008). Similarly, with regards to the overall balance and bias that is interjected into the report, the proceeding section will cover this in some depth; yet, suffice it to say that the level to which non-bias can be presented with a reporter who is ultimately embedded with shareholders within the conflict is quite high (Emeigh 2003). The use of the embedded reporter was perfectly exhibited during the recent invasion of Iraq. The United States, as well as the United Kingdom and other actors, participated in the action all the while utilizing embedded reporters within their armies as a means of reporting back to the citizen at home with regards to t ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discuss Some of the Key Challenges in the Reporting of War from the Essay.
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