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Short review and critique on a specific - Article Example

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Critique of the Article Dating and Relationships Name Institution Introduction The article dating and relationship is a description of a survey aimed at establishing how the styles of managing conflicts influences geographically close dating relationships (GCDRs) and long distance dating relationships (LDDRs)…
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Short review and critique on a specific Article
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Download file to see previous pages This paper is a critique of the article Dating and Relationships, on the relevance of this research, it identifies the hypothesis and measures the success of the methods used in testing the main hypothesis. Purpose of the Study The study presented in the article has three main goals. One is to identify how each of the five conflict management styles influences satisfaction in both the GCDRs and LDDRs. The second aim is to establish how each of the conflict management styles influences communications satisfaction in both types of dating relationship. The last aim is to compare the effect of the conflict management style on GCDRs and LDDRs to establish whether there is any significant difference. The author says it is important to study LDDR because of their increase in prevalence. He says that it has been reported that around 75% of college student were involved in LDDRs. It is thus important to study them in comparison with the GCDR to understand the increasing number of such long distance dating relationships. I think it is important in understanding what makes relationships last. This is because relationships can be complicated as people have a diverse way of dealing with them (Anon). It could be possible that being in geographically different areas create an aspect in the relationship that makes it last long. Main Hypothesis The study is based on several hypotheses. The most important hypothesis in this study is that there are notable differences on how conflict management approaches affect relational and communication satisfaction in both LDDRs and GCDRs. The variables in this hypothesis are the conflict management styles and the type of relationship. This hypothesis is directional since the conflict management style is expected to give satisfactory outcomes or cause dissatisfaction ones (Anon). Design and Measurement Because of the conflict arising from the definition of LDDRs, the definition was based on how the subjects defined their relationships. The sample consisted of college student taking communications class in Midwestern University. It was made up of equal numbers of student form each kind of dating relationships who would answer the exact same questions. The volunteer had met the requirement of being in a heterosexual relationship for more than three months. The response to the queries was through emailing a link to each participant who would have one week to submit the responses. In measuring the conflict management styles, the Rahma Organization Conflict Inventory II (ROCI II) would be used. This is used to measure the avoiding, compromising, accommodating, collaborating and competing conflict management style. The scale ranges for strongly agree to strongly disagree with the highest score showing nonalignment with that conflict management style. Dependant Relationship Satisfaction Scale (RAS) was used to gauge relational satisfaction. In measuring communication satisfaction, the Interpersonal Communication Satisfaction Inventory (ISCI) was used (Anon). This measures the kind of satisfaction depending on the level that individual communication expectations are met in a relationship. The analysis would be carried out by developing four dissimilar multiple regression analysis that measures the different hypothesis. Critique The methods of data collection and measurement of the variables do match with the hypothesis. This is because the study utilized good measurement tools to measure the three ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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