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Journal 1
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Download file to see previous pages They are identified by their wisdom, sincerity, authority and courage. They usually have human quality and strong commitment to their own ideologies and to those of their servants (Lopez, n.d). The first leadership I ever experienced in my life is the one that came from both my parents. All through my growth and development stages, my parents have been the core pillar of my understanding of what servant-leadership is. Looking up to them for being the first leaders I experienced in my life, they taught me how one could make a servant and a leader at the same time. In my teenage period when I ignored all that happened around me, never did they go wrong in ensuring that I remained respectful. They ensured that I was liable to my actions without compromising the love I had for them. That was wisdom, authority and courage they showed me. Being the first born in a family of six, I try frequently to emulating their leadership skill of sincerity, authority and courage down to my younger siblings. In my school life, I also met other leaders: Teachers and student leaders who showed love, provided good direction, made personal sacrifices and encouraged healthy competition among the people they led. My teachers ensured that order, justice and equality for all people could be best achieved through dialogue. Servant leaders develop logical and analytical skills taught in learning institutions. In schools we are taught on how to express unlimited liability for others. These include knowing one self, developing communities and use of power accordingly which make us become servant leaders (Lopez, n.d). I HAVE A DREAM Leaders make great personal sacrifice for the good of their servants. Wise leadership never depends on luck. Rather, it trusts its future to positive attitude, hard work, determination and endurance. There is no easy way to develop leaders. They must learn continually throughout their lives. It is in this context that Martin Luther’s dream of a country which is free of injustices and oppression came to be fulfilled. Martin Luther had a dream of his children living in a nation not judged by their skin color but by their character. True to his words, America is now a great nation and this is clearly depicted by their status as superpower country under a black president (King, n.d). As elaborated in the previous paragraph, self-knowledge enhances genuineness since being honest and open with others is difficult. Such individual qualities reinforce group quality and that is what leadership is all about. In a broader sense, we see the purpose of leadership embraces different values. These include creating a supportive environment where people can grow, live in peace and harmony with one another, promoting harmony with the Mother Nature thus sustainability for future generations, creating communities of shared responsibilities where all people, irrespective of color, age, race and social status matter. Ultimately, each person’s welfare and dignity is supported and valued. I was once a drama club leader in my school. When I sit back and reflect on how I led the drama group I come to realize that it is with such characters as self-knowledge, described by Martin Luther above, that I successfully managed reinforcing group quality that made the drama club a success. By the time I quit drama for other things, we already had like three trophies for our school. All these are characteristics ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Journal 1 Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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