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Women Serving On the Front Line of Battlefield - Research Paper Example

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It is becoming progressively more common to find women fighting at the front of the battlefields due to the increased sensitivity within the military, and the need to attain gender equality. Several jobs are currently available to women who serve nearer to the front line. …
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Women Serving On the Front Line of Battlefield
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Download file to see previous pages This is based on the limited barriers that currently limit the presence and roles of women in the field. In as much as women should be accorded similar roles in the military, as their male counterparts, it is necessary to acknowledge their limitations that significantly depart from the roles of men. Summary and explanation of issue Women have begun playing an increasingly fundamental role on especially on the frontline during battles. It is fundamental to acknowledge that the need to attain gender parity in Pentagon has led to the enacting of laws that exalt the position of women working in the military sections. Previously, American women were barred from participating in direct combat roles. However, the changes in the nature and characteristics of the war have made the soldiers to be constantly in war. This means that women are always forced to participate in direct combat regardless of the ensuing challenges. This has made pentagon to advocate for additional roles for women in the frontline of the battles. For example, congress has been recommending the introduction of close to 14,000 jobs for women serving in the frontline during battleground. According to Gass & John (4) “persuasion is powerful, and often positive social force”. ...
These leaders would eventually their concerns to congress with the intention of contributing to the policy process. It is equally fundamental to acknowledge that the women have been advancing to the front of the battle lines by themselves to assert their authority. This has been vital to their empowerment and progress. The pentagon is equally a major stakeholder because it advises the congress concerning fundamental issues affecting women fighting at the front line in the battlefields. According to Gass & John (5) these are opinion leaders are influential who shape information and ideas through persuasion. It is evident that the pentagon initiates the policies formulated by congress. Consequently, it advertises the available positions within the military and allocates several roles. It is evident that the strategies that the entity has used to advance its persuasion process include formal announcements, advertisements and holding meetings with the women working in the military. The Pentagon plays a neutral position in the entire occasion because it attempts to attain the highest degree of professionalism. Furthermore, it represents the needs of several persons who are not necessarily women in the front line. This means that it has to be extremely balanced in its approach. The final category incorporates congress that formulates laws determining whether women should participate in battles at the front line. According to Gass & John (23) purse persuasion seems to apply to the congress because it assumes a neutral position by allowing various personnel to voice their concerns. However, it ultimately represents the needs of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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