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How soda has negative effects on the body.. such as, obesity, sugars etc - Research Paper Example

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Name Professor Module Date The Negative Effects of Soda The Past few decades have seen soda emerge almost as the staple beverage in the United States. Some decades back, a soda was considered a treat but today it has become a common beverage that is offered to both adults and children…
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How soda has negative effects on the body.. such as, obesity, sugars etc
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Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, continued extensive research has found that the continued consumption of soda does not only increase one’s waistline, but it also has other devastating effects on the human body (Thorndike, Sonnenberg, Riis, Barraclough and Levy 528). A just concluded study by the UCLA revealed that 62% of adolescents aged between 12 and 17 and 41% of kids aged between 2 and 11 years drank on average a single or more sodas in a day (Bubbling 9). This is seconded by the fact that sales of milk in 2009 were exceeded by almost $5 billion; with comparison data coming from the sales of carbonated beverages which averaged about $18.7 billion the same year (Bubbling 11). The high sales recorded in the carbonated beverages may be attributed to the fact that most, if not all, beverages are cheap and easily affordable by many, including children. The year 2000 saw a consumption of more than 15 billion gallons of soft drinks leaving every man, woman and child with a consumption rate of about one-12 ounce in a single day (Malik, Schulze and Hu 274). The increased consumption of soft drinks, mainly soda, in adolescents can be attributed to the fact that they feel they get more bang for their back by buying a super-size soda rather than an 8-ounce carton of milk with low fat content, about 1% (Malik, Schulze and Hu 275). ...
This can be attributed to the easy trap posed by the insane overabundance of flavors and varieties of soft drinks. These flavors and varieties of drinks range from diet, regular, with or with no caffeine, to fruity drinks and a host of other energy drinks. Ludwig, Peterson and Gortmaker (505) believe that that the consumption of soda has a detrimental effect on weight control as a result of the additional calories provided by each sweetened soda and or soft drink. Another study revealed that a soda, for instance, Coke, can serve a whole seventeen teaspoonfuls of sugar in every twenty-oz serving. In addition, Sohn, Burt and Sowers (263) argue that a direct estimate or rather conversion of these teaspoons of sugar to calories estimates to about 240 calories that include 65g of sugar. Many argue that these amounts are insignificant but the major problem is persistent consumption of the drink. According to Thorndike et al. (532) consumption of, say, one or two sodas in a day as per the average estimates of the U.S and the trend continues for say a year will result in an accumulation of about 87,600 calories which when converted is around 25 pounds gained in just one year. For a person weighing 150 pounds, Ludwig, Peterson and Gortmaker (506) affirm that this increase will result in an increased disease risk of 16%. As a result, the possibility of one developing type-2 diabetes is increased as well due to the increased concentration and or consumption of sugars (Thorndike et al. 533). In children, the choices made regarding diet are believed to have a direct hand in the prevalence of insulin resistance. Other Risks. Weight control and obesity are not the only issues ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Soda Has Negative Effects on the body.. Such As, Obesity, Sugars Research Paper.
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