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Argumentative on why you should avoid drinking soda ( Coke, Diet coke etc.) so, soda as a whole, then part diet soda. This - Essay Example

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(professor) Why You Should Avoid Drinking Soda Soda companies continue to market their products aggressively in many countries worldwide. Coca-Cola, for one, developed an extensive distribution infrastructure designed to increase their reach…
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Argumentative essay on why you should avoid drinking soda ( Coke, Diet coke etc.) so, soda as a whole, then part diet soda. This
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"Argumentative on why you should avoid drinking soda ( Coke, Diet coke etc.) so, soda as a whole, then part diet soda. This"

Download file to see previous pages For example, the Center of Food and Justice published a report in 2002 which called on the Los Angeles Unified School District board to ban soda as a consequence of increasing obesity and Type II diabetes among children. On the other hand, a Huffington Post article (Bennett) called for its readers to protest an alliance between Coca-Cola and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) to help educate consumers how they can fit soda into a healthy lifestyle. For many doctors, this is a distasteful move because soda does not contain any kind of essential nutrients and does not help the body in any way. Yet, despite these allegations, people still persist in drinking soda because they are unaware of its health implications. Through a review of previous literature, the researcher hopes to show that soda is not only devoid of nutrients but it can also cause several diseases. Soda: Its Advantages One of the fastest ways to satisfy thirst is by drinking soda. It provides relief from the heat and in many cases provides the energy that one will need to get through the day. With the introduction of diet soda, people who are watching their weight can now get a sweet treat minus the calories. Soda Ingredients: A Review Aside from these advantages, however, there is very little of value in sodaTo better understand this claim, a quick look in the ingredient list will reveal a lot of information. Eight of the most common ingredients used in soda include the following: carbonated water, food color, food flavoring, phosphoric acid, calcium saccharin, potassium benzoate, caffeine, and aspartame. Carbonated water gives the soda its fizz and tangy taste. It is used in many alcoholic beverages to increase the uptake of alcohol in the blood. As its name implies, this is plain water mixed with carbon dioxide. Carbonated water can occur in nature (also referred to as sparkling water) and in this form, can actually have health benefits. Unfortunately, the carbonated water used in soda has undergone an artificial process and it lacks the nutrients that sparkling water has. In an article posted at (Jannen), it says that the danger with carbonated water is that most people have the tendency to drink too much. Also, most health issues concerning carbonated water are related to bone density. In a 2001 study (Heaney) involving children and adults, it was found that intake of carbonated beverages, especially colas, is associated higher risks for fracture due to increased excretion of calcium through urine. In the same paper (Heaney 346), it was also found that reduced bone mass is also due to increased intake of phosphoric acid. These finding is corroborated by another study done by Tucker, wherein the subject of research are men and women aged 30 to 87 years old. Just like in the 2001 research, Trucker, found that increased intake of carbonated beverages (particularly the caffeinated ones) caused as much as 3 to 5% decrease in bone mass density in both men and women (Tucker 937). Phosphoric acid, which is also found in soda, interferes with carbon absorption and is considered as a risk factor for osteoporosis. Moreover, the research discovered the same effects on both regular and diet cola varieties. Food coloring and food flavoring are purely synthetic materials and are processed with ammonium compounds which are my cause gastrointestinal problems. In an article published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (Goldschmiedt), it was discovered that food additives such as food ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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