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Obesity Became a Threat to the US National Security - Term Paper Example

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The paper "Obesity Became a Threat to the US National Security" traces the way to optimize the cost of treating metabolic syndrome. The US government plans to take preventive measures: taxing on soda and products that lead to obesity, making them less accessible to Americans. …
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Obesity Became a Threat to the US National Security
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Extract of sample "Obesity Became a Threat to the US National Security"

Download file to see previous pages $190 billion of annual costs are incurred due to obesity in the U.S and its government has been spending a great proportion of their money, around $150 billion dollars on resources being consumed in the healthcare department to treat morbidities which pop up due to metabolic syndrome.
In the U.S, obesity is now considered to be a ‘threat to national security’ after an observation was made that many of the military men were rejected to become part of the army due to obesity. This is affecting the country on the national level and realizing the critical importance of the issue, the U.S government has decided to take a serious step to combat the issue. The government is now considering implying penny-per-ounce soda tax which will be the result of an increase in the price levels of a single can i.e. of 2 cents. Around 58% of the consumed soda contains sugar and a sufficient amount of 216 liters per year is consumed by every U.S citizen (Lustig, ‎ et al 2012). 
This shows that the people living in the U.S have made soda a part of their daily food consumption which means soda will be price inelastic, a demand of the soda will be less responsive to the change in price. So here a question can be raised: ‘Is the price change will affect the demand of soda and in all lead to a decrease in soda consumption?’ Well, the answer to this question is: No because people will continue to demand soda and such a small increase in prices will not stop this massive intake of sugars leading to few changes in obesity. This means that this will be less beneficial and near useless. This is also proved in a study and it is clearly stated that a considerable change will begin to appear only when there will be a double price increase. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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