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Contribution of Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture towards Food Security in India - Essay Example

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Urban agricultural systems are important for enhancing household food security, reducing vulnerability of the poor and protecting the natural ecosystems in the cities (Cohen, 2006). Integration of Peri-urban and Urban agriculture and policy decision into development strategies…
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Contribution of Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture towards Food Security in India
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Extract of sample "Contribution of Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture towards Food Security in India"

Download file to see previous pages In regards to urbanization process, peri-urban and urban agriculture emerged from a simple and traditional activity into a professional and commercial initiative. In this case, it has turned out to be the major component in food security strategies. By definition, peri-urban and urban agriculture is a sector within or on the fringe of a city, a metropolis or town, which raises and grows processes as well as distributing agriculture products through the use of water and land resources, services and products around the urban area (Ruel et al., 1998).
Poverty can exist at individual level that includes limited basic needs, low purchasing power, social exclusion and psychological distress (Nunan Fiona, 1999). While at community level it includes limited employment opportunities as well as scarcity of products and services. Integrated agricultural systems can be used to enhance the household food security of the poor in urban areas. This study explores different aspects related to how urban and peri-urban agriculture contributes to the household food security in India (Nunan Fiona, 1999).
A thorough literature review was carried to compile some of the important research findings. The chapters of this report are organized as follows; the proceeding section describes the background information on urban and peri-urban agriculture in South Asia. The second chapter that includes literature review compiles some important concepts and research findings that are relevant to the topic. The third chapter that includes results and findings describes the costs and benefits as well as threats to urban and peri-urban agriculture in the world. The final chapter that includes conclusions lists important policy recommendations to address the probable problems in the sector.
Urbanization or shifting of people from rural to the urban areas is known to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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