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The advertisement “New York Health Department’s 2009 Anti-soda Commercial” is a disgusting video, used by the New York health department, in the efforts to discourage the public from drinking sugary beverages. The video shows a man opening a soda can, from which he pours…
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Download file to see previous pages The thesis for the advertisement is: drink soda, and you add weight, to the levels of obesity in a few years.
The intended addressee’s group for the commercial is the general population, due to the fact that concerns over childhood and adulthood obesity have hit the news over the last decade (CPHE and NCCPC 4). The man used in the advertisement is meant to communicate the figurative message, of a person ingesting fat into their body – in the form of soda. However, it is also possible to interpret that the rationale for using an adult in doing the commercial was used to pass the message to adults, some of whom are parents, so that they can stop the consumption of sugary sodas among their children. Taking into account that obesity is a problem that affects all people, rich and poor, young and old, healthy and sickly, can offer the indication that the advertisement is not targeted at any social class of people (CPHE and NCCPC 5). Further, the disgust on the face of the man, as he tries to ingest the messy contents of the glass seems to have been incorporated into the advertisement intentionally. The aim of incorporating the horrible facial expression into the scene could have been made, with the aim of communicating to the audience, the kind of feelings they will experience after taking sugary beverages for some years.
In support of the theme that soda is a contributor to the increasing problem of adult and childhood obesity, Friedman and Schwartz give the information that the wide availability of obesity-contributing foods like sugary drinks in supermarkets, grocery stores, vending stores at school and other public places increases the access to these problems for all (718). More importantly, Friedman and Schwartz make the observation that the desire for the sugary beverages, among other similar foods, is heightened by the reinforcement of the information communicated over the media (718). The messages ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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