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Are niche media good or bad for our society why - Essay Example

The abrupt increase in the application of niche media over mass media has culminated into social problems that were not associated with the mass media in the past. This paper discusses some pertinent social problems associated with niche media. The detrimental impacts of mass media emanate from the failure of the society to effectively and responsibly use it. Owners of most publications belong to certain professional elites, implying that the information conveyed may be manipulated for selfish reasons. Wrongful interpretation of news has, over time, led to social unrests in extreme situations. The middle class who used to possess a wide range of market choice have been left with limited choices owing to the evolvement of niche markets. The rise in the use of internet in the last two decades culminated into more than forty channels. Most of the channels have been adversely affected by competition leading to losses and closure to some of them. The rise in niche media has led to the increase in cases related to piracy. Piracy erodes and discourages the utilization of talent; frustrating societal progress. Entertainment industries such as the movie industry face an uphill task of competing with niche services such as Amazon Instant and Netlix. The digital video disk (DVD) market that used to be a booming business has been replaced by the new streaming services that offer a wide range of movies at a monthly fee. This tampers with the entertainment preferences and freedom of those who prefer

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More specifically the author has given the examples of rising economies of china and India that have took several million people out of poverty. Though the people against the globalization may give examples of different other countries where poverty not only exists but also tends to increase.
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Globalization - Good or Bad
The author of the article “Globalization - good or bad?” under review has highlighted the main reasons why globalization is a good thing that should be embraced by all nations. China and India have been cited as classical examples of how globalization can help transform the livelihoods of poor citizens and make them climb the social ladder into the middle class.
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Thesis Topic: Are social networking sites good for our society
The usage of these sites is so pronounced that supporters and critics alike are debating whether this technological trend is beneficial, or this is yet another way of altering the way people live. This paper seeks to explore the positive and negative impacts of SNSs to society.
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Concepts of Media on Our Society
The media has a vital role to play in the society, which is informing the society. The media, therefore, use various avenues in ensuring the society is informed about both recent and historic events. There are various concepts that are used in media in relaying information to the society.
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Is Social Media Beneficial for Our Society or Not

Based on this research, social media has benefitted the society and the lifestyles of many people in a number of ways. It has undoubtedly presented a set of mixed effects on our lives. However, the ways this powerful social media has influenced and provided benefits to our society can never be overshadowed by some of its negative impacts.

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Why television is bad for society
Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Why Television is bad for Society Television has caused harm in children’s behavior and has greatly influenced their imagination. A number of the television scenes are violent, rough and have sexual scenes. This has made children to behave the same way they see on TV.
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Media effect on Women
This is contributing to an extreme, as well as a versatile image on the characteristics of women today. However, statistics show that the women that are portrayed in these ads and advertisements are not actually vindictive of women in today's decade. Even though it's true that there are positive influences as well as negative ones, the fact is, the media is playing a tremendous role in how any female perceives her own identity.
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His responsibility on the job was to follow the procedures in the kitchen and to create delicacies. His motivation in his job and his passion made the management notice him. The management decided to promote him as the Chief Chef in charge of deciding the menu, control of staff in the kitchen and purchase control.
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Why does our society qualifies violence and media
Games became intensified with violence and through the years it has turned into a growing concern among parents, educators, child supporters, medical experts, and
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Are social network site good for our society
However, it can be noted that to a larger extent, the dangers of social networks outweigh their benefits in our societies. Some people have become so addicted to social sites such that they
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DVDs. The music industry has been the worst affected. Music business used to flourish well in the past because the main channels that handled music were the radio and music television (MTV). The music industry has imploded owing to the existence of numerous channels handling music. On the other hand, traditional songs no longer have a place in the current entertainment disposition. The entertainment industry did better with fewer channels because they had the capacity to focus on the customer’s needs thereby enabling each channel to have a fair share of the industry. Decreased competition in the past castigated quality attitude towards the product among consumers; arousing their interest and curiosity. According to Viselman (2001), the niche market has left the society with fewer choices on the products they should purchase. Some are even misled into impulse buying or wrongful buying due to inaccurate advertisements. The rise in niche media has led to splitting of markets making firms lose access of how they deliver messages to their customers. The risk of unawareness increases with the increase in the number of channels in the niche media. The increase in the number of messages relayed to the consumers makes them ignore most of the messages; even if unknowingly crucial. Niche media has led to an increase in social evils such as cyber crime and sending of spam messages that can harm technological hardware. Although most of the prices of most products and services have reduced following increased competition, the safety and quality of most products has been adversely affected (Dimmick, 2003). The society has become more objective about situations. For instance, most of the political and social intrigues are the creation of niche media as most publish information without prior verification of the facts about the issues. Their competition for attention makes them ignore the big


Reasons Why Niche Media Is Bad For the Society Name Institution Date Reasons Why Niche Media Is Bad For the Society The modern society is appreciative of the niche media as indicated by the enhancement in the use of components such as magazines, online newsletters, online bulletins, databases and other publications such as the Financial Times and the Economist…
Are niche media good or bad for our society why
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