Does diversity of opinion in the press matter any more, now we have access to participatory and social media - Essay Example

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Diversity of Opinions in the Press Introduction: There are lots of a different of views present today about the diversity of opinions in the press; many believe that diversity of opinions is still mandatory in the press, while others have different ideas in this regard…
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Does diversity of opinion in the press matter any more, now we have access to participatory and social media
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Download file to see previous pages As more users are turning towards opting new technologies and social media websites, and are showing reluctant behaviour towards reading newspapers. One possible reason for less circulation of newspaper today can be because of the ease that technology has provided. As with the innovations in the technology and the ease it provided for the masses in terms of using electronic gadgets, mobile phones and connecting online, the productivity of newspapers and print media have undergone decreases. More people are relying on internet and social media websites for the purpose of news, with it they are always connected to the internet and can read timely news, as this new medium (internet) is believe to be the fastest source of providing information or serving the purpose of communication. Furthermore, this medium also enhances the concept of diversification of opinion, as users around the world feel connected with each other and can share their views with the masses in no time. Moreover they can read or listen to the views posted by others, which at times gives them new perception to think about the same issue (Van Djick, 2009). Current Situation: Likewise in a recent past majority of newspapers from the United Kingdom and America were forced to follow the downsizing policy (2008). As a result significant numbers of employees who were working for the different newspapers were terminated, many prophesized the reasons behind these terminations were financial crisis, whereas others convicted internet and social media websites for these firings in the print media industry (Compton and Benedetti, 2010). However, there are many who have different perception in this regard, these individuals optimistically analyze these situations and believe that albeit social media websites and blogs have resulted in confining the role of newspapers and magazines but it has also resulted in providing more information and a variety of difference of opinions for the viewers (Compton and Benedetti, 2010). Meanwhile, it took a while in order to confine the long run and monopoly of newspapers and print media, as the relatively new medium (internet) is garnering more importance on the daily basis and conditions are ameliorating (Compton and Benedetti, 2010). At present print media is facing deteriorating conditions, majority of newspapers around the world are devising strategies in order to cope up with the financial turmoil and are also keen on enhancing or increasing their newspaper circulations. For instance, newspaper industry in the United Kingdom and North America reflect the situation of turmoil as many newspapers are facing bankruptcy, or are in a position where it is hard to manage their current expenses because of high cost involved in the system, there are some who ended their journey in this regard and some are knocking the doors or are in the verge of facing a serious collapse. Some prominent names of the newspaper industry of America, which were enlightening and were sharing difference of opinions over the passage of time, are the best examples of this catastrophe. American newspaper Denver's Rocky Mountain News are history, on the other hand, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune and The Los Angeles Times are amongst those newspapers which are facing serious financial catastrophe or in other words are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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