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Forensic science expert witnesses should be free to express their opinion as they see fit - Essay Example

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The presentation of identified forensic evidences is a significant part in criminal case trials. As a common knowledge, it is the duty of forensic science experts to locate and gather physical evidences which can be used in taking legal actions against a suspect. …
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Forensic science expert witnesses should be free to express their opinion as they see fit
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Download file to see previous pages Whether or not the incidence of human error within the court justice system is intentional or unintentional , miscarriage of justice is considered as a serious social issue that could destroy the ability of the court to promote a fair legal justice system throughout the United Kingdom. To avoid destroying the credibility of UK’s legal system, most of the long list of past and current miscarriage of justice cases are kept unpublished.In case the defendant is not guilty of a crime, Layne explained that miscarriages of justice can occur each time an innocent person is convicted of a crime that was committed by another person . This can happen in times when the defendant has been unfairly convicted because of failure to receive a fail trial. There are also situations wherein the innocent defendants can also be detained in a prison cell even though the innocent defendant has not been found guilty of a crime ....
This can happen in times when the defendant has been unfairly convicted because of failure to receive a fail trial. There are also situations wherein the innocent defendants can also be detained in a prison cell even though the innocent defendant has not been found guilty of a crime3. On the other hand, miscarriages of justice can occur in case the judge let go of a guilty defendant. In case the life of a witness or one of the jurors has been seriously threatened, there is a strong possibility for a guilty defendant to be acquitted in a court trial. Extent and Limitations wherein Forensic Science Experts should be Legally Allowed to Freely Express their Personal Opinions as They See Fit Expert witness is referring to professionals with proper education or expertise in a particular field (i.e. psychiatrist, pharmacologists, neurologists, etc.) who could assist in solving a criminal case4. Their main role is to provide scientific-based evidences or testimony based on facts in the court. Over the past decades, expert witnesses managed to help in solving crimes by presenting scientific-based information that are useful in making the members of the jury decide whether or not the defendant is guilty of a crime. Even though expert witness could help the jury solve criminal cases, there are also some instances wherein the information coming from the expert witnesses could lead to miscarriage of justice5. Because of the increasing number of wrongful conviction in UK, several previous cases strongly suggest the need to develop and implement a new “corrective justice system” throughout the United Kingdom6. This is probably one of the reasons that had triggered the need to determine the extent and limitations wherein the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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