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Opinions of Experts in the Search of Knowledge - Assignment Example

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The paper “Opinions of Experts in the Search of Knowledge” evaluates the pursuit of knowledge. The knower has to be inquisitive, sincere, and observant. But what do we know and how do we know? Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it…
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Opinions of Experts in the Search of Knowledge
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Extract of sample "Opinions of Experts in the Search of Knowledge"

Download file to see previous pages Exceptions apart, the child counts her fingers in each hand and obtains the knowledge herself that she has got ten fingers in her two hands. Similarly, when the child looks at the sky, she finds the birds flying and learns that birds fly. However, this perception may not be very much true. The reason is that all birds do not fly. Now the child needs a source of information which will tell her that all birds do not fly (For instance, Kiwis don’t fly). Hence the child needs to know that where can she find complete information and true knowledge, and that’s why she needs to be sent to a school. In the school, the teacher of Life Science would tell her that generally, birds fly, but all birds do not fly. Else, she can gather this information by reading books, watching educational television channels, etc.
Either we can discover things ourselves, or we need a guide to help us comprehend the world around. This guide can be a book or a journal, or an expert. An expert in a field is a valuable source of information concerning that field.
When I was in primary school, I had an interesting incident in my life. One day in science class, Mr. Williams, our science teacher, told us that the plants cannot survive without light. Plants need light energy to manufacture their food. I raised my hand and argued that watering the plants was enough for their survival. The plants in the garden needed only water to grow, and nothing else. Mr. Williams was patient and he asked the other children whether they agreed with me or not. Some of my classmates were confused. Mr. Williams understood that mere theoretical knowledge was not enough. Immediately, he brought a plant in a pot from the garden, wrapped it in a black wrapper, and kept it in a corner. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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