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On a specific documentary called Two Towns of Jasper - Image Ethics - Essay Example

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Sur Lecturer Date Image Ethics Marco Williams explains his reason for collaborating with Whitney in making the film “Two Towns of Jasper” that displayed f images of the whites and blacks who were involved in demonstrating racial discrimination…
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On a specific documentary called Two Towns of Jasper - Image Ethics
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Download file to see previous pages The film has however tried to bridge the gap by displaying images to illustrate the widening difference and discrimination between blacks and whites. This paper therefore seeks to explore the image ethics that emerge in Two Towns of Jasper. The paper will also illustrate how the film makers approach and understand their various obligations and responsibilities to their viewers, to those who are featured in the film, to their profession as well as to themselves. Reference is made to the Moral Rights of Subjects in Photographs, Film, and Television by Katz, Gross and Ruby via analyzing Two Towns of Jasper, a documentary film. There are significant ethical issues and concerns that are provoked by the William and Whitney in the film “Two Towns of Jasper.” These issues arose where the white and black subjects used in the film were affected by the nature of the images displayed to the viewers. Therefore the two filmmakers made ethical considerations that took care of the rights of the subjects as well as those of the viewers of the film or television. The film, “Two Towns of Jasper,” observes the moral rights of those appearing in it as the subjects. However, the film has been criticized that it presents fake images of the subjects that are somehow embarrassing and intrusive to both the viewers and the film subjects. Some of the image ethics that raise concerns in the “Two Towns of Jasper” and the documentary include the situation in which the subjects were portrayed in a false light. It appears to the viewers that the subjects may have failed to secure a consent that is completely informed and therefore their images were appropriated. In this film, “Two Towns of Jasper,” the groups of minority and individuals were represented accurately and fairly. Williams and Whitney observed the peculiar moral obligations of the subjects in the film. This is a clear indication that the filmmakers understand their obligations and responsibilities to the subjects as well as to their viewers. By respecting the moral rights and observing image ethics when making the film, it shows that the filmmakers clearly understand well the role of their profession. From my review of the film, “Two Towns of Jasper,” the concerns and issues of image ethics that are exhibited is the journalistic integrity threat that is probably posed by the software visual editing used by the filmmakers. The type of images displayed in the film also raises concern as they appear so uncertain to the viewers. The minority group is also not presented in an appealing manner which may raise ethical questions among the viewers. It also appears in the film that there has been an erosion of civility and privacy of the minority group, the blacks, in the film. However, the book, “Moral Rights of Subjects in Photographs, Film, and Television” by Katz, Gross and Ruby, has elaborated these ethical concerns as a breach to the privacy and rights of the subjects. The mentioned authors have also amplified the qualms of image ethics as mistakes committed in darkroom of electronics. The issues of image ethics in the film add to the continuous visual development studies. The anthology in the film, “Two Towns of Jasper,” has reached into perspectives and discipline beyond any criticism and considers the dilemmas in the visual presentations. Additionally, the filmmakers, Williams and Whitney, have taken into consideration the challenge of observing, to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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