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Technology and Social Media Communication Analysis Introduction The various technologies and social media communication tools are commonly employed in everyday use, both personally and professionally. These aspects are viewed as essential tools in order to support several developmental outcomes which include greater access to financial markets and wider reach to avail different financial services…
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Technology and Social Media Communication Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Analysis of Various Technologies and Social Media Communication Tools The conception of social media can be defined as an effective process of communicating with other. It is often viewed to be a medium of social interaction. The various technologies for communication include televisions, computer systems along with the medium of internet and mobile phones (The states of Queensland, 2006). Conversely, the various tools of social media comprise different online websites such as Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Facebook among others (The International Association of Assessing Officers, 2009). Intended Purpose of Using Technologies and Social Media Communication Tools The major purpose of using different technologies and social media communication tools is to build effective communication with different users in the community. The technologies and the different social media tools can be viewed as effective business tools for several organizations by which they can promote their valuable products by a significant level (Brand Protect Inc., 2010). . Strength One of the chief strengths of employing various technologies and different social media tools is that these aspects possess greater accessibility of varied information. It has been apparently observed that the different business organization use the tools of social media for growing their brand awareness, improving sales and most importantly attaining significant competitive position over the chief business market competitors. Thus, it can be stated that the different tools related to social media strengthens the financial viability of the organizations (Brand Protect Inc., 2010). Weakness One of the chief weaknesses of using effective technologies and different tools of social media is time consumption. The tools might take much time to navigate the required information relating to any subject matter (Brand Protect Inc., 2010). Ethical Consideration With regard to the ethical consideration, the business corporations along with the government should remain much conscious about the misuse of different tools of social media that might impose unfavorable effects upon the community (Eid, 2009). Existing Norms and Protocols One of the significant norms of social media is maintaining the privacy of accessing different information of the users. The various business organizations or the individuals should prioritize this important social norm concerning privacy as well as protecting their respective profiles in order to share their information in an organized manner (Talking Climate, 2012). In relation to the social norms, it has been viewed that one of the major protocols of social media is registration. In this similar context, the business organizations should follow the Code of Conduct relating to social norms while performing business operational functions. Moreover, the legislations such as the ‘Data Protection Act 1998’, ‘Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000’ and ‘Telecommunications Regulations 2000’ can act as significant protocols for social media. These protocols relating to social media facilitate investigating and detecting the unauthorized usage of different telecommunication systems such as internet usage. The business organizations or any individuals are advised to follow the social media norms as well as protocols in order to share ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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