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Building Successful Relationships - Essay Example

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There are many kinds of relationships. There are relationships between nations wherein support is given to ensure safety and economic success. There are also relationships between organizations, companies, employees and employers, families and among family members…
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Building Successful Relationships
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Download file to see previous pages What could probably be one of the most important relationships in a person’s life would be with a loved one who will reciprocate the love given. However, it should be noted that relationships do not just grow like weeds in the garden but are like flowers that have to be intentionally grown, needing love and care.
Personally, I have learned important matters that need to be considered in having a relationship to make it beneficial to the parties involved. I once had a relationship in my earlier years that helped me realize my mistakes and that is helping and guiding me in the relationship that I currently have. Just a few years ago, I struggled in a relationship that I had with a girl that I met in school. She is pretty, cheerful and fun to be with and I liked her for being so loving and caring. She always wanted us to be together, spending time with each other and talking about anything only to pass the time together. However, being the outgoing person that I am, I always found it difficult to find time for her and this made her complain about my attitude. She said that I was to being inconsiderate of her need to be with me and our relationship to be nurtured. She doubted my feelings toward her because I seemed to be more indulged with my friends than with her. Although I tried to explain that my shortcomings are not the measure of my love for her, I somehow failed to make it appear so to her and, we ended breaking up. The break up was difficult for me. I guess I really loved her so much that I was greatly affected when we had to part ways. I struggled emotionally and psychologically. There were times that I could not sleep well thinking of her. I tried to make things straight with my former girlfriend, asking for another chance for me to become a better partner to her, telling her that I have already learned my lessons. Nevertheless, that is perhaps the extent of understanding that she could give me. She asked me to stop wasting my time going after her. It took me time to finally overcome the grief I felt before I finally bounced back to normalizing my activities and making new friends. I could say that my current relationship is going smoothly because I have learned a lot from my mistakes from my past relationship. It is not that my relationship with my present girlfriend is perfect but at least, we are able to work out our differences and make our relationship work. I found out that truly, a relationship should be nurtured to make it grow. When I first had a relationship, communication was open and regular during the first few months but then, I stopped getting in touch with my former girlfriend on a regular basis because I thought I was already familiar with her and was very sure I knew her very well then. Now, I maintain communicating with my friend to avoid similar problems I had in the past. Whenever we are not able to see each other during the day, I always make it a point to call my girlfriend and ask how she is and how she spent her time. I think this makes our bond stronger because she sees that I am making efforts to show how concerned I am about her. Moreover, whenever I tell her how I spent my day, she stops worrying about me and understands how I spend my time so that whenever I am not able to make it for our dates or other planned activities together, she tries to be considerate and understands ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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