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Communication Issues (Individual) - Research Paper Example

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FBI radio station Sydney: Communication issues Name Institution Tutor Date FBI radio station Sydney: communication issues Discussion The organization in consideration is the FBI radio station Sydney, which provides its listeners with a station which helps them reflect on their city, their lifestyle and their identity…
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Communication Issues Paper (Individual)
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Download file to see previous pages The community ought to support music, whereby since FBi is independent and has passionate volunteer, the people need to listen to the music the radio station plays. This is because, as Somerville (2011) states a community can be a way of organising the societal relationships, having a desirable quality of mutual regard and sociability. The role of the community involves summons to undertake in joint, mutual action. This implies that the community, which is the target group, should play a considerable role in ensuring that the music played by the station, which mainly is local, receives audience so as to promote the talents of local artists. The music also ensures that the social relationships are strong and binding as seen in the research work of Howley (2010). For these issues regarding to music, the stakeholders include, the volunteers who work for the radio station and the whole community who are the listeners. The radio station requires support from the community to pay for radio. For the radio station to stay on air, the station needs financial supporters. To make this real, the community should be able to make pledges to support the station by contributing a small amount at the end of every month. According to Somerville (2011), commonality is the requisite imperative that helps in the foundation of the community, which has a common project or goal. Since it is the aspiration of the community to get a radio station which is non-profit, then it is also their obligation to finance it to ensure its smooth operation. The non-profit organization requires support from the community to remain independence. According to Parada & Homan (2011), the radio station plays unique music, which is new and local. Other stations do not have this music genre. Since the radio station is a community sponsored unlike other radio stations which are commercial, the ratings or the profits do not dictate the music the radio station plays. The station plays music since they like it, and it is the urge of the station for people to like the music. Music, which is independent and local, helps understand the community well. According to Secomb (2007), there is a need to consider the community perspectives brought about by the music played so as to understand the community. The music also describes the community subsystems, the peripherals of the community, the functioning of the community and community characteristics which are basic. To be able to support the non-profit organization and the local music, the people around the community should make a regular contribution so as to keep new music on the air waves. To elaborate more on the community engagement issue that the radio station needs, the station requires more volunteers. The radio station will ensure that the volunteers have their rights to be treated as co-workers, have all the details regarding to the organization, receive orientation regarding to new developments. There station is also to provide advance notice of changes which affect the work of the volunteer and also provide guidance and direction. According to Albert, Flournoy and Lebrasseur (2009) to seek change and stability within a community, it is vital for the people in the community to live collectively, play, worship and work together. Since the station is an initiative by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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