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Identity as a Key Modern-Day Issue in Interpersonal Communication - Research Paper Example

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The paper adopts the thesis; identity is a key modern-day issue in interpersonal communication. It tries to argue that people portray their identities in the interpersonal communications. It bases its argument on the identity management theory. It also provides three examples to justify the argument…
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Identity as a Key Modern-Day Issue in Interpersonal Communication
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Extract of sample "Identity as a Key Modern-Day Issue in Interpersonal Communication"

Download file to see previous pages The first example is from a program I watched on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The second one is about the Facebook posts of University students, and the other is about a personal experience.
Identity Management Theory (IMT) is a theory of intercultural communication. Tadasu Todd Imahori and William R. Cupach developed the theory in the 1990s. The two persons based their development on Erving Goffman’s essay titled Interaction ritual: Essays on face-to-face behavior (1967). Imahori and Cupach differentiated between intracultural communication and intercultural communication. Intracultural communication is the communication between people sharing the same culture while intercultural communication is that between people from diverse cultures.
Every individual possesses multiple identities. However, Imahori and Cupach regarded relational and cultural identities as important to their theory. Imahori and Cupach pointed out that the presentation of one’s face portrays aspects of an individual’s identity. A person can reveal his/her interpersonal communication capability whether he/she maintain or does not maintain face. According to them, the utilization of stereotypes in any intercultural conversation is due to the ignorance of one another’s culture. The use of stereotypes threatens the face. Management of the consequential tension is an element of intercultural communication ability. Competency in intercultural communication is developed when an individual goes through three steps.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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