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Interview Questions - Essay Example

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ournalism is a “gated” major. The minimum admission GPA is 2.90 on a 4.0 scale. You are meeting with a sophomore with a 2.20 GPA. What three things do you hope to accomplish in your half-hour appointment?…
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Interview Questions
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Download file to see previous pages I would be looking into valid reasons and even pry on the previous academic records. If previous records indicate that the standard GPA was met (which I assume it was since the student is already a sophomore student and would not have been admitted to the course due to the minimum admission criterion), I would determine the reasons for the apparent decline. Could there be stressful and challenging external factors that could have contributed to the decline other than failure to study or deliberate non- submission of academic requirements? If there are, I would seek the student to submit proof of circumstances that might have contributed to the lack of focus on educational pursuit. Likewise, I would like to know if the student is determined and committed to graduate from the course. If not, I would immediately advise that the student be taken out from the program. If, there is evidence that the student tried hard to attain the standard GPA, but mitigating circumstances that could not have been avoided, I could give the student another chance – provided that the standard GPA would be met next semester. Finally, I would determine what strategies were planned by the student to improve the academic performance in the coming semesters. 2. What role does technology and social media (such as Facebook, instant messaging, video conferencing, blogging, Twitter, podcasts, etc.) have in the adviser/student relationship? How do they help? How do they hinder? In contemporary generation’s academic pursuit, the role that technology and social media plays in the adviser/student relationship is crucial and significant. One strongly believes that both students and educators maintain registered accounts with social networking sites that could be utilized to exchange information, relay academic messages, and be used as a medium for enhancing much needed information, as required from the course. As proven from the research conducted by Lin (2011) and published in the Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, the findings revealed that “integration of online activities into traditional teacher education courses can shift some of the power, authority, and control from the instructor to the learner while providing the interaction and connection that are central and valuable to traditional classrooms” (p. 99). Thus, technological applications and social media help in fostering a more conducive learning environment by encouraging active interaction and participation of course modules. As emphasized, “it used technology to increase interaction among students, increase engagement in learning and established a learning community outside of the classroom, while allowing individual contributions to be identified and evaluated” (Lin, 2011, p. 106). On the other hand, these networking sites could also hinder effective academic performance if the adviser or educator fails to provide a more vigilance and pro-active oversight to govern and validate student’s performance. This simply means that educators must have ways and means to discern that it is the students themselves who responded to the required academic requirements. 3. The media landscape is evolving. How do you approach advising a current student to prepare for a job market that is ever changing? As the media landscape was acknowledged to be continually evolving, students who prepare to hunt for job opportunities must exercise ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Interview Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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