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Advertising: Images, Industry and Audience - Essay Example

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Advertisement,as defined by Julian,is a form of communication specifically used to persuade or encourage people to continue performing an action or change to a new action. An audience can be readers, viewers and/or listeners. …
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Advertising: Images, Industry and Audience
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Download file to see previous pages According to Altstiel and Grow (2006), commercial advertisements aim at driving consumer behaviors with respect to some commercial offerings. Non-commercial advertisements, on the other hand, concentrate on persuading or motivating an audience towards a social cause or an idea. Nevertheless, the two advertisements types focus on reassuring employees, shareholders, or generally, an audience, that a product, an action, or an ideology is viable. The objective is fulfilled through three important processes, which are informing, educating and motivating. During the three processes, advertisements catch attention of people by creating a unique awareness about a product or an idea. As observed by Felton (2006), success of an advertisement depends on its design and communication method it uses. Rodgers and Thorson (2012) incorporate the concept of marketing mix while discussing types of advertisement. Marketing mix, as a key component of an advertisement, consists of four P’s; Product, Price, Place and Promotion. In other words, while designing an advertisement, it is imperative to link a product with promotional strategies, price and a place where an advertisement is done (Altstiel and Grow, 2005). Even though the two types of advertisements use similar principles, certain differences, however, exist. This paper, in effect, compares two types of advertisements. Specifically, the paper compares an advertisement for a commercial product and a promotion by non-profitable charity group. Differences To clearly compare commercial and non-commercial adverts, this paper uses Apple Company, as a commercial organization and Octopus Holdings Limited. In promoting its products, Apple Company has effectively used various aspects of advertisement to increase its net profit. Octopus Holdings Limited, which has both commercial and non-commercial subsidiaries, has similarly used various advertisement principles to educate and persuade the public. Non-commercial subsidiaries of the company are based in Hong Kong. All discussions in this paper are based on advertisement done by these two companies. According to Felton (2006), comparison of the two types of advertisements is done by analyzing various components of an advertisement. Some key evaluation areas include aim of an ad, methodology or persuasive techniques used, advertisement budget and target demographics among others. In this paper, the two types of advertisement are compared using these components. Purpose of the Two Adverts Core difference between adverts for commercial product and an ad done by a charity group is evident in the purposes of the adverts. Advertising a commercial product aims at selling a product for monetary compensation, while adverts by non-commercial charity groups educate the public (Altstiel and Grow, 2009). In other words, the former advert is used to generate sales and revenue, while the latter advert gives people an opportunity to take an immediate action on an acquired knowledge. Advertisements for a commercial product aim at increasing consumption of the product. In some cases, the promotion involves generating increased use of services related to the product. This procedure involves informing an audience frequently about a product’s name or repeatedly displaying the product to an audience. While using ‘branding’ as a weapon, ads for commercial products associate admirable qualities with a specific product they promote. Since increasing consumption of a product forms the basis of commercial advertisement, promoting a company’s product calls for clear specification of an audience. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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