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New position of women - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: New Position of Women Hanna Rosin, the author of The End of Men has intensively carried out a research and come out with a yielding result about a very sensitive issue that bothers many people all over the world today. To begin with, issue of gender roles has always been victimized and made to be prone of numerous stereotyping…
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New position of women
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Download file to see previous pages It was quite a pity on the women owing to this take. As researches indicate, the women can now sigh in relief because of reversed opinions that are cropping up. In fact, many who formerly had a dissimilar opinion about women and jobs that they undertake somehow embrace them. Their conception about men as Hanna Rosin observed was depicting them as individuals who are prompt and with strength to manage inadequate resources with a sole reason of boosting the economy. On the contrary, women were seen as those that are programmed to care for their families or simply to say, they were bound to domesticity. The former is in the process to be put at bay and be done away with for even those who believed that male dominance existed believe yet again that their supremacy is by now gone. A new look which is fast rising since 1970 is all about the new position of women in the society at large in this contemporary society. The changing human history is at a very high speed as research indicates. The speed at which the shift is taking place is rather shocking with a clear view on the strengths of the rising woman so to speak. The effect is not only experienced in a single part of the world but also in entirely all parts of the globe. As Hanna Rosin, the author has identified through her thorough research, in Korea, for instance male preference no longer exists. Moreover, the same is manifested in China and India that are regarded as countries that are rapidly industrializing. Now looking upon men, women and education with an intention of comparing and contrasting their levels of advancement, women will still take a great lead, something that defines their new position in society. The author’s research has identified the truth behind this, and how female students dominate professional schools as well as colleges, where they compete with the male students thereby outweighing them in terms of degrees that they hold after their studies. As a matter of fact, she has made it plain that the ratio of male to female who receive their Bachelor of Arts (BA) in their places of study is two to three. To this I second and agree with. Therefore, it is now evident that male individuals are lagging behind the female ones in school. In addition, their positions in class work also show how bright they are over the male students. As the recent research indicates, there are many faculties that men and women pursue of which women dominate most of them with an exception of those involved with engineering and computer science. Even for that, women are still at the fore front as men lag behind at a considerable distance. Another issue that exposes men as individuals who drag behind the success of women is work. In the recent past as earlier indicated, women were not considered as those who could stand to be bosses in any company. Today, it is not uncommon to see them manage companies entitled big positions in well paying jobs. I concur with Hanna Rosin upon the mention of fifteen job categories that are available to date with the women taking the lead in them all apart from just two. The two she mentions as those related to engineering and computer science as had been revealed earlier. The rest are primarily occupied by the female ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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