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Online Publication of Personal Contents: Needs and Threats - Essay Example

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Online Publication of Personal Contents: Needs and Threats Have you ever thought your life would be as comfortable as now? Don’t you appreciate the changes internet has brought to the world around you? The answers may be of a positive effect in either case; because, internet was not even a dream for most of the people till the end of the 20th century…
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Online Publication of Personal Contents: Needs and Threats
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Download file to see previous pages The amazingly vast scope of this technological advancement has now given ample chances of socialisation without physical transition of individuals from one place to another in order to meet his friends or relatives. And if one asks how good these new developments to the human community are, the answer may not be as promising as the concept itself is. The increasing rates of cybernetic misuse and the resultant criminal activities reflect the evil side of such developments in computer technology. Perceptive differences and altering utility levels among some individuals in using internet have contributed much to the risk factors responsible for the defamation of many people in the recent past. In this context, it is essential to focus on the safety of individuals associated with the internet usage. Various Ways to Explore Internet offers you unbounded scope of exploration and distribution of data. Some parents, especially, mothers are inspired about posting the images and videos of their children on social networking sites or video channelling websites to satiate their esteem needs. Also, while parents are far away from each other due to professional requirements, it becomes a necessity for them to approach the help of internet for photo sharing or video transfer online. This emotional requirement of normal parents force them to post their kid’s images or videotapes on most popular websites such as facebook for the easy distribution of them to their relatives across the world.Youtube, facebook, google+, yahoo, twitter and many other large and tiny websites offer ample of options to favour their demands. But, are these postings morally safe in the world of criminal motives? A combination of the unlimited possibilities of computer technology to manipulate the images and videos and the capabilities of modern broadband internet spectrum can publish contents in the rocket speed these days. Needless to say, the impact of such nasty outcomes can smear blemish over the life time of the victim. The real face of vulnerability The fact that the images and videos published and shared online are vulnerable to the misuse of certain people for making their fake identities on social networking sites is a shocking reality. There are so many examples of young people involving in the act of copying and downloading other’s personal contents for their diverted usage. In such cases, images and videos of children in their nudity are more prone to this kind of indecent acts. However, the increasing trend of parental choice to publish the digital information of their kids is the evidence of a prevailing argument between the possibilities of threat and the satisfaction of emotional needs among people. A convincing answer cannot be found easily for the question whether parents can publish their children’s images or videos online. According to an opinion (Quenqua, 2009), a major proportion of parents are worried about the possibilities of even unlikely tragic happenings to their kids from the internet publication of their images; while others defend it with the hope that internet is favourable for kids to know about the reality of living in the technically advanced world. The basic fact behind the perspective conflicts related to the utilisation of internet devices is, however, an imbalanced proportion of good over bad – while the chances of manipulated transformations of the images are not assured, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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