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Segregation in Labor Markets, Neighborhood, Education, and Criminal Justice - Essay Example

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Segregation in Labor Markets, Neighborhood, Education, and Criminal Justice Name Institution Course Date Segregation in Labor Markets, Neighborhood, Education, and Criminal Justice Recession – the greatest depression of the current generation – has already transformed lives not only of the Americans but also the entire working population globally and it is foreseen to do its continuous modification of the people’s lifestyle, homes, and personality until the far future…
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Segregation in Labor Markets, Neighborhood, Education, and Criminal Justice
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Download file to see previous pages With the slightest earthquakes, cracks mark the surface, and even the toughest man or sturdiest structure feels its effects and aftershock so as the blow of recession is faced by both white collared and blue collared workers. From late 2007 to early 2009, a dramatic decline in job vacancies and pairing market deterioration caused rising number in unemployment and permanent layoffs as this is by far the worst recession in American history in equivalence to the coined name Great Recession where, as reported, resulted to 10.6 million jobs deficit in just two years. And even with the declared end of the Great Recession in early 2009, the height of unemployment rates continues to shoot upward as the government strives to face the colossal job creation challenge in order to get a resilient economic recovery (Peck, 2010). Three years has passed and the government is still running the same marathon with the victory far from sight. As explained by Peck (2010), the Great Recession may be technically over but going back to the normal economic state is still afar. He used the words “New Jobless Era” to define this time when job opportunities and offerings sink to the bottom. As the government and its policy makers cogitate for ways to solve this, there is one query at the mind of the population, how does this novel system affect the lives and behavior of the people? Can everyone easily cope or will they be impelled to do things unthinkable in order to survive? Both media and labor unions had their eyes pinned on the concurrent lay-offs the following years yet all that was given were only sympathy and not any solution to the problem. The real problem is not absence of work for work has always been available, but it is the dearth of a real job and the career path together with its health benefits and chances for promotion that kills the middle class Americans that used to have a comfortable living. Aronowitz and DeFazio (2010) elucidated that what is offered now are contractual works that offers employment and income only for a specified period of time lacking the stability that it used to offer. They further discussed that the reasons behind this phenomenon are the outsourcing of production to other countries and cybernetics. For a much cheaper labor cost, computer companies such as Apple, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and even some other electrical and automotive companies ought to send production processing off-shore to countries that offer much cheaper salary rates and higher number of workers. This scheme maximizes the company’s production budget while still producing high quality materials for the market. On the other hand, cybernetics and automation had been part of everyone’s daily living including in some factories where robotics replaced the then job of one human highly skilled for that certain task. Automation is a path worth investing by the capitalists for this requires no health benefits or retirement plans and offers precise production at much faster rate. An example is the bankruptcy of Solyndra and New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. (NUMMI), which both used to be the powerhouse manufacturers of solar products and automotives respectively. Both were struck and defeated by their off shore competitions as the jobs were brought to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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