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Female Gangs - Research Paper Example

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Traditionally, gangs have been associated with male youths, and research on female gangs has not been conducted in the same magnitude and…
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Female Gangs
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Download file to see previous pages However, researches in the past two decades by the United States Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) indicate that the existence of female gangs can be traced back to the 1800s (Moore & Hagedorn, 2012). Their roles have evolved from being alibis, sex toys, drugs and weapon holders to full gang membership. Studies have been conducted on gangs because gangs are of social concern. This paper will research on and discuss female gangs in three aspects. First, it will discuss the origin of female gangs and what drives females into forming or joining gangs. Secondly, it will discuss different types of female gangs and thirdly, how they play into male gangs. Although some of the earlier generalizations about female gangs still apply, there have been tremendous changes in their activities with their growing numbers. The OJJDP noted a police report from Boston that described a female gang as a growingly autonomous organization that plans and commits crime without any help from males (Moore & Hagedorn, 2012). It was feared that in Boston young girls were quickly adopting gang life rituals in the early 1990s.
To integrate into gangs or form their own, females imitate the behaviors of male gangs (Moore & Hagedorn, 2012). In a bid to be like the males, they coordinate and take part in criminal activities, wear tattoos and clothing related to gangs. They borrow characteristics and styles of the dominant male gangs including patterns of violence, preferred weapons and use of graffiti to pass a message or declare their existence and presence in neighborhoods. Becoming a member is either by choice or forced initiation (Moore & Hagedorn, 2012). Forced initiation is in the form of being jumped-in by gang members. On the other hand, females who opt into gangs by choice offer themselves to be used sexually by gang members in exchange of climbing up the hierarchy. However, those who are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Female Gangs Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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... in high-crime, socially disadvantaged neighborhoods (Thornberry et al., 2003) In the sub-urban and rural areas there has been a spurt in gang membership. Gangs began to take root as many immigrants could not cope up with the culture of their adopted homeland and thereby could not assimilate themselves within the new society. These immigrants formed gangs to forge an identity for themselves and took up the role of alternative family providing support to the members. Such gangs also provided its male and female members protection. One of the very distinctive characteristics of gang members are that most of them come from the male minority groups such as Hispanic, African and Asian countries. Other distinctive characteristics... to fulfill...
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Gangs one of the core or peripheral issues (Klein, 1995). There are some members in a gang which play a vital role in collective activities of a particular group. The involvement in different activities does not effect the membership of an individual because most of the members in a gang don’t like to get involve themselves in selective actions. Different surveys are being performed in order to find out the sex of the gang members e.g. in 1975 survey it was found that 90 percent members of a gang are male. (Covey, Menard, and Franzese 1992) There are few females who are involved in gang violence and the reason is most of them are sexually...
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Gangs resolve gang problems. But there challenge in resolving gang related problem is the fact that teenagers and adolescents are very susceptible to gang membership and other delinquent activities due to peer pressure and the presence of different gangs in the community and in school. Based on the survey of national schools, 7.6% of male and 3.8% of female in the secondary school students are gang members with activities such as fighting, stealing or selling drugs. Not only can these activities endanger them, gang membership can also affect the school performance and safety of the teenagers (Egley, Mason and Miller, 2006,...
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...). Unfortunately, only 15 percent of the gang population is behind bars considering the waves of crime they commit year after year in the US. Another fact is that juveniles form 40 percent while the rest are adults while more than 90 percent of all members are males with females taking an average of 8 percent. It is important to note that about 60 percent of gangs disallow female membership. Gang activities seem to be more prevalent in cities with at least 250,000 residents although gang related crimes are also high at 86 percent in those cities averaging 100,000 inhabitants (Larence, 2010). Gang formation In considering...
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...?Running head: Female Juvenile Gangs Outline I II Introduction III Current study IV Research design and methodsV Findings VI Reasons why girls join gangs VII Discussion and conclusions Abstract With the changing times, female gang membership is continually increasing. There are many factors that are coming into play and are contributing to this unfortunate phenomenon. The governments, institutional authorities and families should be called upon to prevent the furtherance of this trend, lest it graduates into uncontrollable levels. It is quickly eating into the stable state of the society Introduction Until recently, the presence of females in street gangs has been downplayed or ignored. The present girls in the gangs were either... ...
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...? Female Gangs, Their Roles and Behavior Insert Semester Research studies have been carried out previously about gangs with a strong bias to male gangs. However, there are also female gangs that a complete research has not been done on them. This is because many scholars run a blind eye to the significance that the female gangs have in the society. Since the 1980’s female gangs have been in existence as independent all female gangs, auxiliary members to male dominated gangs and mixed gangs. There are a number of reasons that young girls join these gangs which range from economical, social and political (Kinnear, 2009). As with male gangs, there are peculiar behaviors and roles that are pertinent to female gangs in the way... they are...
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...: (2006) stressed that "The court that takes up the cases where there is an involvement of children below eighteen years of age and who are dependant, abused, or out of control. But the cases which has been charged on the under age child as adult cannot be tried in this court. Juvenile Courts 3 A critic claimed, "It is impossible to eradicate juvenile delinquencies if we don't delve on the roots why these things happen." True enough, like most of the crimes and problems, their roots must be eradicated to prevent further harm. In recent studies, most children are involved in gangs and similar organizations solely on the basis of peer pressure in which most of them tend to believe that they...
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...Topic: Gangs Trenton, NJ is largely regarded as having one of the worst problems with gang violence in America, and Trenton Central High School is situated in the middle of this situation of gang violence. Recently in the area, a 15 year old prostitute was arrested along with a number of gang members for raping a 7 year old girl at a party. This shocked the community to the degree that a rally was organized to stop gang violence in Trenton, and this was attended by major hip-hop stars like Jay-Z. “The rally, organized by Trenton mayoral candidate Emmanuel Shahid Watson, supports the mission statements of organizations like The Peace Keepers, funded by...
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Female Gangs

...Female Gangs Introduction Gangs are one of the most criminally destructive groups in our society today. From rioting to theft to destruction of property, these gangs create chaos and havoc to the peace and order of society. In the traditional context, males dominate the gang population; however, in the contemporary context, females have also increased in membership. Inasmuch as females are not common members of gangs, female gang members have already been seen as far back as the 1800s, serving as counterparts of male-dominated gangs (San Diego County Office of Education, n.d). However, these females have been seen as inferior to male gang members and for which reason they have often played a smaller role in these gangs... . In the...
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...Chicago Police Department Suspect Descriptors During a manhunt for a suspect, it is important for the police to have a description of the suspect so as to know what to look for. This means that the police need an accurate description of all identifying features of the suspect. It is this kind of thinking that saw the Chicago Police Department develop a list of the possible descriptors that one needs to fill out while identifying a suspect. Location Knowing where one is the time of the crime is of utmost importance. However, noticing things about the location involves more than just where you are. You need to note the direction in which the suspect fled, the mode of transportation he used, the make, color, and model of the vehicle... Police...
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