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Running head: Female Juvenile Gangs Name Name of instructor Date Outline I Abstract II Introduction III Current study IV Research design and methods V Findings VI Reasons why girls join gangs VII Discussion and conclusions Abstract With the changing times, female gang membership is continually increasing…
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Female Juvenile Gangs
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Download file to see previous pages It is quickly eating into the stable state of the society Introduction Until recently, the presence of females in street gangs has been downplayed or ignored. The present girls in the gangs were either categorized as tomboys or sexual deviants who were no more than apprentices of the male members (Lane, 1996). The presence of girls in gangs indicates their increased freedom and independence. Recent findings in girls participation in gangs has shown that there are there are two groups of female gang organizations. The first one, which is also the most popular, is based on affiliation with the male group. They go by the name auxiliary or satellite. It is a separate group but still part of the male group. The males are responsible for making final decisions and exert control regarding various measures. Another group, but less popular than the first is the independent one, that has got the full mandate of running its affairs. Taylor (Taylor, 1993) asserts that the members of the independent gang are just as strong and ruthless as their male counterparts. The members for both groups is to make a living and survive in a bleak environment with few socially acceptable means of earning money with the very little support received from the government. Violence is a very common phenomenon in gang life as they are guided by the rules of the jungle. Once different gangs meet and start contending over certain issues, violence is the means by which these issues are addressed. Among female gangs, fight over men is a common phenomenon. Drugs deals also cause a lot of wrangles among the concerned parties. Current study The general notion about female gang members is that they even worse than their male counterparts who are gang member too. Most policies formulated in response to gang membership are based on numerous assumptions and not on reality. The policies of justice for young offenders are continually headed to the more punitive direction, yet very little is known about the nature and context of violence among juvenile female gangs. Research design and methods This literature review has been derived from information from credible sources that are records of thorough research done in major cities of the world. There was careful site selection, data collection, measures and analysis in order to come up with the best data possible about juvenile female gangs. Findings Reasons why girls join gangs Poverty The biggest and the most profound reason for girls to join gangs is poverty. Having from a very poor background drains all the hope of ever rising higher and being set free from that state. The parents in most of these cases are also poor role models for these young girls. There is a high possibility that they too are drug addicts or drug dealers and the girls just copy from them and become reckless member of the society. This makes most of these girls to be disillusioned and they therefore find easier means of survival in gangs. They are able to make some cheap living as they comfort each other along life. Together, they venture into businesses like selling of drugs and shoplifting. (Miller, 2006) Through these sales, they are able to meet some of their basic needs and still live with the hope of making it in life. Weak social bonds According to Social Control theory, it was proven that a strong social bond between the young girl and the members of the family can be a high preventer of her involvement in crime and gang. This is because she has a sense of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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