Female Gangs, Their Roles and Behavior - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This paper seeks to explain the female gang families, their roles, behavior and structures in close relation to the family. As with male gangs, there are peculiar behaviors and roles that are pertinent to female gangs in the way they are structured and their mode of operation…
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Female Gangs, Their Roles and Behavior
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Download file to see previous pages However, research studies conducted in the recent past indicate that this trend is fast changing, and women are moving away from the subordinate role. This has led to the rapid growth of female gangs so as to be independent, and voice their needs better as opposed to mixed gangs were the male are dominant with lesser risk exposure. Statistics indicate that the participation of females in gangs is on the increase. The gangs are linked to violent and delinquent activities in the society which are aimed at attaining status, recognition, security and monetary rewards. The females in the gangs assume different roles and have a code that governs their behavior within and outside the gang.There are several underlying factors that lead young females to join the local gangs. These reasons majorly are social and economic factors;Economic reasonsAccording to research conducted by female gang members, it has been established that a greater fraction of the gang members come from a family background that is economically impoverished. The societies where female gangs thrive in are where there are poor education structures and systems with limited and often no job opportunities. As a result, the females in the gangs resort to social vices which promise them quick financial rewards such as trafficking drugs, prostitution and participating in other heinous crimes.Social reasonsIn an attempt to boost their low self-esteem young girls troop into joining gangs which act as a social haven that fulfills their needs. Others lack a sense of guilt in their actions and seek to reinforce this in gangs where it is readily acceptable. The females seek to find an identity of their own as well as a search for social interaction. Joining gangs comes as a path to liberate them from the stereotype traditions they are subjected to. They tend to seek love and affection which they are deprived in their dysfunctional homes. The female rise in gangs for their own protection and gangs provide a sense of belonging to those that have no proper families to guide and support them accordingly (Siegel et al, 2012). Normally as a result of abject poverty, the young girls are exposed to violence, rape and unwanted pregnancies. Their gangs are majorly for offering protection to their usually small families from other gangs in other territories. There is a sense of belonging in the female gangs which increases the loyalty. Although female gangs violent activities are on the increase, their methods of attack are less vicious as compared to that of male gangs. Female gangs tend to exaggerate themselves in an effort to bolster their reputation in an area (Siegel et ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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