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Analyze a Category of Advertisements - Essay Example

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Your F. 10 April 2012 Analysis of Advertisements What is an advertisement? It is a paid announcement using various means of media to promote sales. It is often a public notice in print or often calls attention to the audience. It makes a call of action known (…
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Analyze a Category of Advertisements
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Download file to see previous pages Multiple methods of advertising reaches out to the most people possible. To determine whether these marketing tactics work, a return on the dollar ratio is calculated by each company's marketing team. When looking for certain advertisements to categorize together, it was easy to see that many of them are somewhat similar depending on the product. Fragrance advertisements all look the same with any celebrity aiming to make a dollar has a fragrance line up and coming. Celebrities are also used to endorse a wide variety of products of anything from make up with spokespeople such as Drew Barrymore and Ellen DeGeneres to tennis shoes endorsed by popular athletes such as Michael Jordan. When trying to evaluate which genre of advertising to choose to analyze, I decided upon weight loss program advertisements. This includes weight loss supplements and dieting programs and can even combine that with fitness programs that guarantee that people will get ripped bodies in just a matter of a few months. The many avenues for advertising include billboards, television, radio, mobile advertisements, online advertising and print advertisements in newspapers and magazines. When analyzing weight loss program advertisements, various products are marketed on virtually every avenue. The products range from crash diets and magic pills to lifestyle changing diets and workout regimens. For this genre, the marketing processes are all across the board, targeting a variety of people. As Americans, with obesity on the rise, many of these weight loss programs can appeal to a variety of different audiences. However, they are all effective in their own way, appealing to audiences of different ages and both male and female either for an instant weight loss change or one that is more gradual and requires discipline. One advertisement that I have seen rather frequently is one that appears in many celebrity gossip magazines. The product is NV and it promises the product buyer that a person can drop one jean size in two weeks. The advertisement is endorsed by former Playboy bunny and ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, Holly Madison. She can be categorized herself as a 30-something year old bombshell. Already thin, the advertisement shows Holly Madison heading to a grocery store in an already too tight shirt with a little bit of belly flab hanging out. In the advertisement, it has her own caption written stating that she looked awful in that picture and after using NV got her body back. She is then pictured looking slim and glamorous and the product is called one that acts fast and that it is one of Hollywood's secrets of the stars who need to lose weight immediately. The advertisement prominently displays Holly Madison's hot new body after using a weight loss product and also shows a smaller photo of the actual product. It advertises which major chain retailers that the product can be found and also gives a web address for those looking at the advertisement and says that a person may be able to try a bottle for free. While flipping through other magazines of this same type, celebrity gossip, the same advertisement can be found throughout. Some of them are single spreads and some are even a full three pages of full color advertisements showing the beauty and glamour of being able able to drop weight fast just like the celebrities do. Readers of this type of magazine are typically female and based on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analyze a Category of Advertisements Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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