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THE ART OF ENGLISH - Assignment Example

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The Art of English As a whole, humanity is an intensely analytical race. Every moment of the day is spent, in one way or another, attempting to interpret each interaction, each observation, and each conversation. Not only is this same focus applied to the mundane tasks of everyday life, but to the written word as well…
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Download file to see previous pages By analysing individual works, the varying degrees of creativity and literariness can be observed. To begin, it is important to understand two distinct concepts: creativity and literariness. According to the textbook entitled “The Art of English: Literary Creativity,” creativity is defined as the skill level of the writer in areas such as “sounds, words, phrases, and overall linguistic form” (Goodman & O’Halloran, 2006). Literariness is a concept that relates to different kinds of literature such as those that are more traditional like poetry, short stories, and novels. However, literariness can also refer to other types of writing such as blogging, websites, pamphlets, and print media advertising(Goodman & O’Halloran, 2006). These two elements are very important in the process of analysis. According to the textbook entitled “The Art of English: Everyday Creativity,” in order to perform a complete textual analysis, a linguistic analysis, interactional analysis, and ethnographic analysis are needed (Maybin &Swann, 2006, p.429).Completing each analysis will reveal the elements that make up the degree of creativity within the piece. Linguistic analysis looks at the individual language elements such as metaphors, word usage, repetition, parallelism, etc., (Maybin &Swann, 2006, p.429). ...
Each of these also helps a reader to take a more cognitive based approach to the text by looking at how it contributes to the bigger picture of human existence. The poem entitled “I felt a Funeral, in my Brain,” by Emily Dickinson, is a poem that fits within the literary world. Emily Dickinson, who was born in Massachusetts on the 10th of December 1830, is considered to be one of America’s greatest poets and produced over 1,700 poems throughout her life (Pettinger, 2006). On the surface, it appears to be a poem about a person witnessing their own funeral. Whether or not this is truly the situation is up to the reader. Emily Dickinson is an author whose work often inspires analysis due to the multitude of contextual meanings that may be applied to her work. This quality is known as polysemy (Goodman & O’Halloran, 2006, p.70). The critical analysis of the poem through the inherent clues of the poem’s linguistics may find evidence to support several of these theories. This particular poem has sparked multiple analyses. Some readers believe that the poem is about a person’s descent into madness. Others think that it is about writer’s block. Still others claim that the poem is simply about death as the basic context might imply. The fact of the matter is that it does not matter who is right in the end. The myriad of possible meanings speaks to this poem’s high degree of creativity. In terms of linguistics, Dickinson utilizes heavy deviation. Deviation is defined as being when words, phrases, and grammatical structures draw attention themselves (Goodman & O’Halloran, 2006, p.70).This can be seen in the poem by the capitalization of words that are not normally capitalized such as “Funeral, Brain, Mourners, Sense, Service, Drum, etc” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Art of English
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The Art of English
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The Art of English - Everyday Creativity
... masterpieces. REFERENCES: Cameron, L., 2009, Metaphor and Reconciliation, Taylor & Francis Press, London. Eder, K., 2011, Metaphor and Culture, Grin Verlag Press, London. Fischer, E., 2011. Metaphor: Art and Nature of Langauge and Thought, AuthorHouse Press, London. Koveses, Z.,2010. Metaphor: A Practical Introduction, University Press, London. Maybin, J., Swann, J. 2006, The Art of English: Everyday Activity, Open University, London.... . For example, the child states that his tummy has a fire engine to send a clearer message that the child has a stomach ache (Maybin & Swann 2006, p. 50). Another example, … information on which we can build on., indicates that the information is used as a starting point for another activity. The phrase does...
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The Art of English - Everyday Creativity
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