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To what extent should TV news coverage be driven by the quality of footage available, prioritised over the quality of a story - Essay Example

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Name Professor Course Date To what extent should TV news coverage be driven by the quality of footage available, prioritized over the quality of a story? Introduction Quality of footage that has presented and the quality of story play a part in the coverage of news for television…
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To what extent should TV news coverage be driven by the quality of footage available, prioritised over the quality of a story
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Extract of sample "To what extent should TV news coverage be driven by the quality of footage available, prioritised over the quality of a story"

Download file to see previous pages The major consideration in the selection of news is the quality of presented content. This seeks to offer the viewers the best coverage within a certain area. In news coverage, certain pieces of news are considered paramount and more important than others depending on the section under which the news falls. Immediacy and importance of certain subject to the populace are the two criteria utilized in the determination of content that ought to be presented in news coverage (Gripsrud 1999, 56). In accordance with this, coverage of the world news, the relative significance of certain occurrences that ought to be covered on the news, are measured against other criteria such as power and distance. This implies that occurrences that have greater influence on the structures of power and prominence within a given society are greatly considered compared to other events that have little influence on this area (Gripsrud 1999, 56). Events that are appreciably associated or connected to the society attain greater coverage than other events, which have no connection or association to the society. Certainly, magnificent disasters that emanate from remote regions coupled with available footage have a propensity of getting into television news (Gripsrud 1999, 56). These events meet the criteria for television news on the grounds of immediacy. The makes the presence of footage for certain events direct to prioritization over the quality of the offered stories. Quality of footage has been improved to a greater extent through novel news technologies that have been directed by the demand. These technologies offer newsrooms with instantaneous content that increase the work for news creation staff, since it offers diversity and difficulty in choosing the most imperative and striking news footage or stories. These technologies allow the populace to experience news live as the events transpire in the real world. Numerous considerations are made concerning news coverage with other criteria being secondary to the earlier mentioned criteria of immediacy and imperativeness (Gripsrud 1999, 56). Therefore, the quality of footage being offered is almost not considered in the presentation of news on television. This implies that the quality of footage is irrelevant within the news coverage context. For that reason, news has the capacity to acknowledge poor-quality news content and even poor quality speakers considering the subject of immediacy and significance of the presented events. These two factors are the principal considerations in the provision of footage that can either be quality or not. Therefore, these factors are considered as the determinants for the content that ought to be covered in television news. The populace is acquainted with the unaesthetic framing, presence of content that is captured through sudden pan shot, the dubious quality of the sound of the presented content, blurred images and other images presented under dazzling light (Gripsrud 1999, 56). This is considered wild footage that emanates from untamed world. Such content is considered imperative, despite the quality of content provided. The footage that has been presented is regarded a priority with regard to the quality of the story being presented. Bulletins for the news are developed, or created, by stitching these rushed, unreliable and poor quality contents from different sources (Gripsrud 1999, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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