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Compression in Media - Essay Example

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In the modern day phenomenon, media is believed to play an imperative part in our life and the overall society. The smooth run of important information is considered to be vital for the reason of contributing to the progress of the overall society as well as the communities. …
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Compression in Media
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Download file to see previous pages This run of information is learnt to be facilitated by the different forms of media present around us. The absence of the efficient flow or exchange of such extensive information would as a result restrict the viewpoints and attitudes of the general people further exploiting their respective thoughts and inferences in relation to the happenings in the world around them. It needs to be mentioned in this context that the theories related to the media helps in justifying as well as manipulating the work done and the information provided to the audiences (Lorimer, Gasher & Skinner, 2012). Thesis Statement This paper would focus on providing a detailed comprehension regarding the various theories related to the media along with a comparison between those. The research paper would also attempt to ascertain the specific perspectives on the way the media functions and manipulates in the society of that country. For the reason of comprehending the specific perspective, a lucid insight requires to be gained regarding the various theories such as libertarian theory, social responsibility theory and political economic theory related to media. Libertarian Theory The notion with regard to this particular libertarian theory is learnt to have developed from the thought that individuals are considered as rational beings who possesses enough competence to differentiate between the factual and the improper facts or information and make appropriate decisions based on such judgments. The underlying belief of this theory relates to the chief aim of the media that is believed to be the passing on of truth or facts and also the belief that media would desist from succumbing to any kind of outside pressures; for instance, from the corporate owners or the advertisers (Lorimer, Gasher & Skinner, 2012). The theory of libertarian even presumes that individuals holding contrasting or divergent perspectives will also be paid attention to. This implies that the responsibility of media under this theory is considered to be the communication or presentation of the negative as well as the positive viewpoints. According to this theory, assails made on the guiding principles as has been laid down by the government are completely acknowledged and are also supported at times. This theory also eliminates any kind of limitations exerted on the import as well as export of the media information with regard to the national boundaries. The libertarian theory believes in complete independence of the journalists along with the media experts within the system of media organization (Lorimer, Gasher & Skinner, 2012). Social Responsibility Theory The theory of social responsibility has been stated to comply with the notion of the libertarian theory but still suggests the need to recommend the kind of behavior or functions that the media should indulge into. This specific theory was learnt to evolve from the Hutchins Commission Report regarding the Free and Responsible Press. There were certain objectives that were assigned by the commission which also entailed the requirement for honest and comprehensive reporting of the entire possible aspects related to any issue. It believes that the media holds some specific responsibilities and commitments toward the society (Lorimer, Gasher & Skinner, 2012). This particular social responsibility theory even believes and complies with the notion that the government needs to support the media for the reason of acting in accordance with their respective responsibilities towards the society in case of any failures in keeping up with the obligation that is expected with regard to the media. It should be stated in this regard that this is where the theory stands apart from the libertarian t ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Compression in Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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