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Yemen problems - Essay Example

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Desalination refers to the processes used to remove salt and other mineral salts from saline water (Micale, Cipollina, & Rizzuti, 2009). Saline water gets desalinated in order to make water that is fresh for human and animal used. …
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Yemen problems
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"Yemen problems"

Download file to see previous pages The modern process of desalination aims at developing cost effective ways of water provision to the people along the coast. It is viewed as a rainfall independent source of water. The vapor – compression desalination process refers to the process used to distill water. This distillation process involves the evaporation of saline or sea water by the application of heat obtained from compressed vapor. The compression of vapor to be used in the desalination process links them together. Compression of vapor increases both temperature and pressure of the vapor. The latent heat generated at this stage can be used to generate more power and additional vapor. There are two methods that can apply the effect of compressed water. The first one, thermo compression, utilizes an ejector system, motivated by the steam found at the monomeric pressure obtained from an external source. This aims at recycling vapor from the desalination process. The second method involves compressing the water vapor with the use of a mechanical device. The mechanical vapor compression, MVC, in which the evaporation effect takes place at the manometer, is used to recycle water (Wang et al., 2008). The compression turbine facilitates the mechanical compression. The generated vapor gets directed back towards the heat exchanger condenser to turn the vapor into water. In the process, the resultant fresh water is transferred to a storage area while the heat removed in the condensation process gets transmitted back in the remaining feedback. The vapor compression units are applied in the desalination processes. Fig1. Desalination process As indicated in fig. 1 above, heat is introduced at the top of the loop by the cooling device. The heat vaporizes the liquid refrigerant found in the evaporation plate. The vapor is carried through to the compressor to sanction tube. Energy is supplied in order to warm vapor to obtain hot vapor with high pressure to be passed to the condenser. The boiling high-pressure vapor discharges heat to the air stream on the other side of the condenser fins as it cools and condenses into warm liquid. The Warm liquid is then pumped from the bottommost of the condenser through an expansion device where temperature and pressure drop meaningfully, forming the refrigeration effect. The cycle completes as the cold fluid passes to the cold plate. Hui (2007) highlights that following advantages and disadvantages of Vapor Compression Merits · trouble free, low maintenance compressor and cheap Low noise vibration Driven by live steam Ability to turn salty water into clean pure water · Low mass flow rate · high Vapor compression operations, · Low cold plate temperature and the capability to transport heat away from the source. Demerits Require high steam pressure Relatively high quantity of hot processes water derived Dumping the unexploited salt solution back into the ocean makes the process difficult. The potential to destroy ocean life Energy requirement for starting up power desalination plants is an enormous expense, and burning fossil fuels appear like choosing an environmental crisis. If regions located away from the coastline or in a high altitude make an effort to use desalinated water, it proves to be an even more costly process. High altitudes and distant distances require abundant resources to transport the water from the salt water body. It is an expensive venture Charitable organizations Several groups have come forward to help alleviate the water crisis in Yemen. The first group is the Islamic Relief, USA. It has been working towards a better future. The group has set up water supply systems in many parts including Sarohindi village. The project ensures that people get clean water for themselves and their animals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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